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  1. The one in the 10 is a bigger brake to begin with but yours is fitted with an aftermarket sammy miller brake plate with special water excluding lip! ive had a few and didnt notice much difference to a standard one. a good brake is all in the set up ,shoes have to be matched to the hub by skimming both hub and shoes round
  2. Yes Dave , highboy type , standard were fixed
  3. Dave ,your bike is 2nd series of three , should have single tube under the motor with 2 smaller tubes coming off it half way under the motor ,yours has had this cut out and an alloy bashplate fitted ,rear hub and brake pedal is correct ,Pat Kean
  4. engine is rotax so same as swm etc parts availability is good .forks and wheels .controls used by many so again no probs , its only the exhaust rear guard and airbox that you may struggle with but aftermarket silencers and some people are remaking the rear guard so on the whole no worse than anything else .i have one im looking to part with if you are looking 07980633454
  5. why not get both ? scooter for the shops/beach/wife and alpina for the numerous endless trails ?
  6. Hi your Sherpa s has femsatronic electronic ignition , no points , condenser , lighting coils or any serviceable parts . if you want to run lights you will need a complete points ignition or a femsatronic off a lobito .From what I can tell its a 100cc Sherpa s and on some of those the crankshaft taper was a smaller size to the bigger engines so be aware of what you may purchase .Easiest way is to give Lynn mobley a call as he will point you in the right direction
  7. Hi , the equivalent year pursang (model 104 ) parts will fit straight on but the cases will need matching as the transfers are bigger on the pursang . you wont get 352cc mk7 or 363 cc mk8 pursang parts to fit as they have different stud centres plus they have longer stroke , not forgetting the airbox and exhaust , ignition and primary weights . Its a Sherpa T a trials bike , theres a reason Bultaco made the frontera and pursing , enjoy it for what it is .
  8. I would say at least 80%of Sherpas were exported , most came to the uk , keep on at in motion to date it but probably all they will say is manufactured 74/75
  9. I hope they came with a portable welder
  10. Hi Glenn , are you sure its just not been tweaked , ive never seen a homerlight unit any different than the one on the right , I could be wrong but I think these 2 are the early paint design , the later ones had the silver swoop up and back ending in a point just in front of the fuel cap similar to the matador mk3/4 design
  11. Please tell me your not going to butcher this frontera?
  12. Hi , I still have the cup that was issued to riders as my Dad rode it , I think he was on a Dalesman that year , Peter kean from Preston
  13. theres one on ebay now for 1200 he says he will courier for extra which will be about 120 , its a matching nos mk 6 , your spare 175 motor will drop straight in , don't think you will find one much cheaper . a good runner ready to go is worth 2 to 2500 all day long , all the pursangs at Stafford went for at least 1500 plus premium apart from a mk 10 without wheels in bits and a mk12 for about 900 plus premium. mk7, 8 and 12 seem to command the best prices
  14. bult360

    Bultaco engine

    The mk 6 was the only pursang to be offered in 5 capacities , 125,175,200,250,350 (326) the sherpa s scrambler had been discontinued by this time and it was this bike that traditionally had the small capacaties,
  15. I think the reason Gilles hasn't used the last ignition cover is because hes gone to a hydraulic clutch and it may have been better to play around with the earlier heavier case , all credit to him as it looks great.
  16. The chequerboard bodywork was taken from Mike Kidds leathers design
  17. The first Astro was the model 90 and was based heavily on the model 86 pursang and was in fact called the pursang astro , followed by the 105 and 106 models (250 and 326) then the model 123.The first chequerboard astros were the 145 and 146 and fitted with a rear hurst airheart disc brake , the 163 and 164 were very similar and the last astro was the 195 which had the option of either capacity if you swapped the complete top end as they had the 64mm stroke and if you went 250 had to use the 70mm bore size. The prices of astros has gone up by quite a bit so the most cost effective would be to get any mk5/6/7 pursang and fit it with astro bodywork , the differences would be minimal (frame bottom cradle is narrower on 145 onwards for example) Gilles escuyer in france has done this and its a real smart bike
  18. bult360

    Trial Front wheel

    It was only the 370 s that had the bigger brake , the 250s kept the small one till end of production , The first pursang to use the non flanged rim was the mk 7 and im pretty sure the Sherpa had the flanged rims up to the model 124/125.If its a motocross wheel it can only be a mk6 pursing as the 5 had a same style hub but in steel painted black
  19. This is an addition and non standard
  20. bult360

    TX 300

    The one I saw at telford had a trick carbon fibre look rear mudguard , does anybody know whos it was or who made the guard ? thanks Pat
  21. I'm thinking the taper topped bike went to places other than the uk as I haven't seen any with taper tops but ive seen a few with allen screws and nuts in the yolks but most with just allen screws and a tapped hole in the other side of the yolk doing away with the need of a nut .Also had one with no pinch bolts in the fork slider on 1 side, most if not all ive had with black steel brake arms
  22. Hi, yes this conversion is not straight forward at all , stud centres not the same etc . Best way would be to source a model 92/125/151 etc and it will go straight in your chassis , you have to adapt the exhaust flange as the 49 has a screw in collar . The only models you can swap top end capacities are the very late ones pursang/astro etc where both 250 and 370 shared the same 64 mm stroke , they did a special kit called kit IT164
  23. bult360

    Bultaco Motoplat

    Love the bike , looks like a model 167 mk9 if its a 250 ,with a Frontera tank, is the front end Honda with the disc brake ? .Very nice indeed
  24. bult360

    Milky oil

    On the Betas the case rotted sometimes as it was made of magnesium , if you are still getting water in the gearbox after fitting the new seal this may be worth checking out , also check the spindle isn't worn and allowing water to pass
  25. Hi Ross yes I'm Pat kean I have 2 and both are not in bad condition but I'm worried about breaking one and not finding another , I will take pics if I get chance this weekend . The 311 looks to be not a terrible fit ,so I may try that . my plastic are all realy grubby so a good clean is in order , cheers Pat
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