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  1. I used some silicone sealant in the inner vent holes, waited for it to dry and then held in with a large washer.
  2. Thanks to all of the replies. I ended up sealing the cap off, the fork feels much better now as well, more progressive even.
  3. Thanks Graham, excellent information
  4. HI guys, Quick question. I have a fork cap that's shooting oil everywhere whenever the fork is compressed. Do these look like normal caps? It looks like there is a screw in the middle that has been shaved. I can't really see how these are serviced, can they be and do they look standard? Cheers
  5. I was in the same boat as you chappo, my bike came with some lovely looking falcons, with 80 pound springs.. Too heavy for me on my bike, which really needed 50 pound springs. I couldn't afford to get the falcons rebuilt, it would have been cheaper to get some new shocks, so I went for a pair of the OZO experts last week. They don't have any adjustments but the damping and progression is very nice, I'm happy with them. I found next to nothing on the net about these shocks, once I've taken my bike around a few sections I might write up a quick review. I would offer my falcons up to you for use on yours but I think they will be too heavy.
  6. What a great idea, I hadn't thought of doing it that way. Similarly I have no actual plans to ride at dark, or even dusk. How long do you expect to get out of that 1800.Ah battery?
  7. Hi all, I'm going to register my M158 so I can ride it to local bush land for practice, and hopefully get it ready in time for the Sydney Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride at the end of Sept. I'm in the process of getting the electrical parts together. I wonder if anyone knows, or could measure the diameter of the front headlamp? Would it be around 5"? Cheers
  8. Gosh, it does look lovely like that, almost too good to paint
  9. Mine is M158. I just checked my photo album, my old M159 had one too.
  10. Going along with the theory that there's no such thing as a silly question, what is the bolt behind the seat loop on the Sherpa? Is it to secure some sort of a rear light?
  11. Well I tracked the source of the noise, but I still don't really know what the cause is. The tensioner bush is quite warn but the inner surface is pretty smooth. The rubber wheel is well aligned to the chain and round. The rubber is quite hard but I suppose it they are supposed to be? I don't think it's the additional tension putting pressure on the clutch bearing, all of the bearings in the engine are new, as are the seals. I'm pretty certain I've put the clutch and flywheel on correctly. I'm running 300ml of ATF, but that doesn't dull the noise. Has anyone seen this before? I could run it with the tensioner I guess, or just ignore it.
  12. Welcome Cribbs74, Like you, I started my Bultaco resto project about months ago, and I'm almost at the point when I can start to enjoy the riding (I've enjoyed the building immensely). My initial budget was way off though, I've spent far more than I expected, but I do consider it worth it, to have a go at many of the things I hadn't done before. Lots of great people on this forum. In terms of parts, I think the Sherpa parts are one of the most readily available due I think to the bikes popularity. There isn't anything I haven't been able to source eventually (although original pistons are tricky). In addition to Hughes Bultaco in NY check out http://www.bultacoaustralia.com (who I have got used parts from in the past) I'm sure there are many other shops that are not english speaking, I get a lot of Spanish results in my searches, and there is a pretty good Spanish Facebook page. Cheers,
  13. Ouch, did you have to split the cases?
  14. Thanks scot taco. The bearing is new but I'll certainly keep that in mind. I checked in a couple of positions but agree it's worth checking again. I'm also concerned that the alloy clutch basket teeth might be worn enough to cause this as the chain I removed was really past it's best, with over 20mm play. I'll have a closer look but can't think of any obvious way to check the wear of the teeth, they aren't "sawtoothed" for example.
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