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  1. Not 73,74 model but year sorry
  2. While I’m getting all this advice from you knowledgeable chaps.where is best I can get a headlight from? Any ideas? Many thanks
  3. Hang on hang on lol!!!! Just re read your replys.sooooooo my bike your saying ,as it’s a UK one (got paperwork etc to show it is),sould have a metal tank on it (I know ,UK law)!!! But tank off a 72,73 model??????
  4. Thanks for all replys.ive got my bike identified.i know it’s hot the wrong tank on.in an awful lot of internet search pics,people say the pic are of a m150 1975,when all the looking about ive done says “no it’s not” lol. The pic on the front of the manual mentioned earlier is deff not a m150 made in feb of 1975. i got onto a mob in Spain that deal in parts,and the tank they said was for mine is the one ive been looking for and thought it was after all my research,still bleeding researching bits lol lol.all one piece with “flat “ side panels not the stepped one.
  5. Thanks for replying.im bloody lost on all this carry on.i have that manual and the pic on the front doesnt match any m150 in “real life” that I’ve seen. i thought from looking around that that pic on the book is an earlier model.an origional sales brochure for “t” Sherpas doesn’t have that tank in it at all....... every time I go for a part it becomes a mystery lol
  6. Hi all,new to all this but enjoying my 1st bultaco.ive been researching about.pics etc,am I correct in saying that the correct tank is a one piece unit ,incorporating smooth side panels? cheers chaps
  7. Goodo


    And Sherpas came from the factory with 2 plugs as standard?
  8. Goodo


    Making sense to me reading all replys.thanks to all
  9. Goodo


    Thanks for all the answers chaps.may be me being thick but I’m still non the wiser lol
  10. Goodo


    Well I’m new to all this,trying to follow what ever I is saying lol. so why would a bike have 2 plugs but only 1 connected? Fins broken and someone just replaced it with what they could get?
  11. Goodo


    Yep,just one lead.so one plug only connected.
  12. Goodo


    Hang on a sec.i can only recall seeing ONE spark plug lead!!!!!looking for the pic now
  13. Goodo


    Thanks very much for the info.was wondering why.im sure I’d seen it on another Bultaco but not the Sherpa.
  14. Goodo


    Hi all. sherpa 250 , how come I’ve seen some of them with 2 spark plugs in the head????? cheers
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