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  1. I moved to the USA on a 3 month work detail and here I am 20+ years later, married, kids, dogs, mortgage……but I left my love back in the UK. I am looking to be reunited with my beloved 1978 Montesa Cota 348. I would love this bike to be my next rebuild project. Does anyone have any bike shipping experience? This bike has been sitting for 30 years in a garage (it was not ridden the last few years of me being in the UK) should I dismantle it and ship part by part? Should I ship it complete? Can I get customers clearance without a title? I have had a couple of quotes that want to wrap the bike in bubble wrap and build a customized crate along with all those costs! Any and all advice and recommendations appreciated (I know I can hunt and buy one in the USA but they are not mine that I have owned for many years) Thanks in advance
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