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  1. beatabeta

    Ossa Factory

    Sorry for delay been offline since last Friday and had to make do with 3G (or lack of) on my work phone with no 'personal' contacts in. I did text a friend in South Midland centre to ask an Ossa dealer in Cambridge but they never got back to him, so they're crossed instantly off the list Anyway, cheers for that guys, sounds like a serious piece of kit So am guessing that's arpound £6800 for one of these? that about right? Best part of £1000 above the new Raga rep if so and thats a LOT of money. Guess I'm going to need to make a journey to try one...
  2. beatabeta

    Ossa Factory

    Hi. Are these still available? Am trying to find out the cost of the factory bike. Also, who has one and what's your opinion? Thanks
  3. Pay attention and take riders opinions on board ???
  4. Think a couple of them finished to - so semi reliable Sadly they look and sound awful and seem to ride poorly too. Add horrendous cost and I'm struggling to see why a single person would buy one (can you actually even buy them?)
  5. Yowzers.......... What a piece of work but
  6. Well said Ben and well done for coming on here to voice your opinion. So...... Anyone would think that those of us who were shot down and chastised for airing our views and opinions might be right after all! No Stop is a BIG step backwards for trials and BTC So basically 2 rounds in and both trials and the rules have been unanimously disliked by riders, observers and seemingly spectators. What a great way to encourage more riders and spectators to the sport : Run trials with rules the riders hate Run trials that are boring and confusing to spectate Bravo ACU, bravo. Not that you'll be reading or paying any attention to anyone's views.
  7. So looking at the spec it appears that : there is no problem between GG and Marzocchi or GG and Formula. Raga preferred the Tech forks so his bike gets them Raga prefers AJP brakes so his bike get them. I personally like the idea of this as it makes the Raga rep with these changes as it makes it a truly unique GG rather than a paintjob and some bling. Be interesting to see cost v's TXT Pro and Racing versions though..... I smell something potentially starting with a '6' or very near it
  8. I rode a 2011 Racing and it was very nice. Not had a go on 2012 but can be sure its pretty special I guess it depends on the new Raga costs v's Racing costs. In terms of major performance differences between the 2 there is not normally to much difference as the Racing gets a lot of the Raga upgrades - Keihin carb, Reiger shock (Raga rep has 3 way adjustment v's 2 on the Racing), Magnesium crankcases etc outside of this its usually cosmetics differentiating them with the Raga being totally different to look at and the Racing looking like a pricked up Pro. However the 2012 Racing has the Marzocchi forks and Formula brakes - which have had some issues. Where as the Raga has the new Tech forks and possibly AJP brakes (Raga's new bike was running AJP) Nice dilemma to have!
  9. These will be fitted on the new Raga Replica due next month (see TC front page) and I would assume that this means that they will be on the 2013 models also (although I dont know this) as they normally follow many of the Raga Replica changes As for thoughts - dont know why they've done this. Marzocchis seem fine, however I say that having not ridden a new Jota Gas or Sherco who also use Tech forks. Maybe Marzocchi put pricing up, maybe GG feel the Tech are better - guess we'll need to wait for an official announcement for why.
  10. Agree. Raga has the ability, the bike, the team and the backing to win the WTC, but consistency will cost him as we've seen already after 2 events. He's already 6 points down on Bou after finishing 5th on day 2. I think to mount a real charge you'd need to be 1st, 2nd or worst case 3rd in every trial to stay in touching distance of Bou. Raga had his best year (IMO) last year in WTC and won a fair few events - the Dougie Lampkin effect I expect. Raga needs more of this to mount a challenge. Should be a great season!
  11. Yea I saw this on a spanish site (wont name on here just in case its frowned upon) these are used by Sherco and Jotagas I believe. Are they any good? Am guessing by the amount of views but minimal replies on this subject that no one knows anything about the new Raga Rep except new forks and the now obligatory hefty price increase
  12. I REALLY need to stop agreeing with Dabster but the numbers were not good last week as it was the new amazing, exciting 'no stop' rules. They were good because they knew the sections would be easier and more rideable + it was the first round of a championship on known sections. Surely its plain for even the most avid old codger no stop rule lover in the ACU to see that the above could have been acheived in a much easier and simpler way - MAKE THE SECTIONS EASIER THAN THEY HAVE BEEN THE LAST FEW YEARS!! (for Dabill / Brown et al to be dropping more in a BTC than a WTC is ridiculous and the clubs should have been pulled up by the ACU about this long ago) No need to implement stupid rules that the top riders hate No need for observers interpretation or view of rider stopping or not No need to p*ss about with any of it The ACU only need to issue a simple instruction to orgainsing clubs - 'make the sections easier' The ACU then only need to issue a simple statement to the riding community - 'the sections will be easier' This on its own would attract a far higher entry list than previous years and involve far less guess work from the organisers - so basically easier for EVERYONE If a rider can clean 99% of the sections and finish 3rd somethings very very wrong. Cue the 'it was the first round, no one was sure' comments. I'm sorry but thats no excuse from a BTC orgainsing club or the ACU. Had it been left as it was with simple 'make it easier' instructions, the guess work would have been largely eliminated. If the winner drops 35-40 marks then the odd slack dab, 3 or even 5 would not be as mission critical and disastrous. Having 3 of the top British riders (that I've spoken with or seen comments from) so massively ANTI no stop is a horrible advertisement for the BTC, the ACU and British trials as a whole. And you can guarantee the ACU will not have the balls that the Spanish had and admit they were wrong.
  13. We're getting to the time of year when the 2012 (or 2013 as some will call it) Gas Gas Raga is normally announced. Does anyone know when this may be this year and what, if any, changes are on the bike?
  14. beatabeta

    Tyre Choice

    The issue is not with IRC but is with the actual rims used is what I've heard from a few people . The tyres are the same as they have always been. I always use IRC but have a X-Lite on atm (come on bike as new) and will look to put an IRC on when it needs changing IRC : great grip, good wear, unbeatable in mud X-Lite : feels like it's spinning and losing grip but actually keeps gripping. Feels like its moving around too much (IMO) X11 : good all round choice if you have a new Gasser rim that the IRC wont sit on.
  15. As mentioned above give the throttle a little blip when you are going up from 1st or down from 2nd. Quite common but very simple once you've done it a few times (assuming your gearbox is OK) 280's were ultra fierce back then. Too late now but 250 or 300 are loads softer and 300 has added bonus of low down grunt Maybe try a S3 flywheel weight or slow action throttle. If not you can get head cylinder head spacers that will slow it off.
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