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  1. I have both. The 'wasp' frame is beautiful the metalwork and brazing a thing to behold. Mine had holes in the wrong place required significant work to just bolt stuff on. It steered well but had zero grip. The Drayton is ready to go everything fits is easy to bolt up bike rides very easy.. it feels like cheating.
  2. TLR frames will rot pretty easily given half a chance,,
  3. proper trials.. a bloke in a check shirt.. too much lycra and garish modern gear with helmets more akin to motogp from some.. somber attire of tweed and a collared cotton shirt should be as important as a british carb.
  4. sounds like its made up nonsense.. tyres are perfectly legal for road use in uk as long as they are inflated and have a mimum tread depth.. so yes its a made up story..
  5. Entries for this years Edinburgh trial the oldest of all the MCC's events are still open. classes for all trials specific motorcycles from Laird387's favoured Bid Brit bangers to 4rts and everything in between including sidecars. Trial starts at just after midnight on 30th september so lights will be required.. for the 180 mile route with 14 classic sections. try something old school! http://www.themotorcyclingclub.org.uk/?page_id=79 https://www.facebook.com/events/343954409366455/?active_tab=discussion
  6. use the clutch and rear brake just like you d be shown if doing the cbt. do it all day long till you can do it without thinking..
  7. i d think the 10 was plenty low enough for a beginner.. most sections you ll be able to ride in first and not even touch the clutch.. cclutch use is a skill you need so start now.. figure 8s in the drive are the order of the day.. when your the world champion in your drive.. find a smaller driveway..
  8. months a lot and a lot should cover it.. simply the most expensive way to aquire a p65 bike by a significant margin.. all that would be useable would be forks frame engine..and all three would require modification.. and you d then end up with a converted road bike. buy a drayton frame buy an engine then buy everything else you would have had to buy to modify your c15 and you ll have a proper trails bike.
  9. a lampkin once said to me '' we re easy on bikes cos we ride over rocks not into them'' and theres a lot of truth in that. one trial bikes are abundent post ssdt, lads buy a brand new bike move it on post trial to take a grand loss but thats the penalty for riding a brand new bike.. you d probably spend more than that getting a year old bike fit for the ssdt. are you sure its just a 250?
  10. one thing you ll find for bantams is that no two are jetted the same. however buy a set of jets and much and i mean much time later you can have a bike that runs as smooth as poured cream that ll pick up clean from stopped dead on a slope.. no big bang of power they were commuter bikes remember.. but enough to haul evenbig boned fellas around more than adequately.. mine is std b175 on pvl with drayton exhaust used 50:1 for last 5 years
  11. spot on.. can you tell the difference.. spend 150 quid on the back end no more and get the front end working properly and you ll be away.. will another 250 quid make you dab less per trial?
  12. pampera parts notorious hard to come by.. a fella once paid me 30 quid for a used bolt for the lower suspension as they are stepped and unobtanium.. great bikes though.. never had an issue with range i used mine on sammy millar and long distance trials
  13. sell the reflex and spend the money you were going to spend on a ready prepped bike. you had a shopping list of close to 3 grands worth of stuff new.. that plus your reflex gets you on a well set up tlr
  14. hi.. your really lucky in that this is an issue covered brilliantluy on here in the past.. google/search beta leaking carb.. the solution involves some work but its all do able if you follow the instructions pictures.. even i managed it..
  15. the only way to get an acu licence is to be a member of the acu via a club.. how macclesfield do it for free i do not know.. who pays the affiliation? after a quick google.. they do it looks like the club is registered like a business and the directors bear the losses and any profits not the members..
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