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  1. i'm thinking of changeing my handlebars to a hi rise but not shure what size to go for i feel like i am over the front all the time so thaught six inch rise ?? was hopeing to find out what others are useing
  2. we use these products regulaly , it can glue almost anything , it canbe used glue van bodies ect , if you are worried dont use it it is difficult to remove once set .wear rubber gloves ,dont put too much on , in the uk tiger seal is cheaper and just as good for this job we get it from good motor factors . in the past i have also used good clear silicone sealer but not quite as durable but is fairly easy to remove if you need to .hope this helps
  3. thanks for your help. thing is this bike was my late father inlaws , i have had it for about 25 years with a mind to restore it but i have always given my spare time to trials and cars . i have alwas thaught it was a shame to chop this bike up but i want to ride it and as i dont have a bike licence this is a good compromise . so im thinking forks and clamps wheels converted alloy rims swing arm alterd strip and re-build engine ect and try to use as much of the origional parts as possible is proberbly the way to go
  4. ok i have a 1963 francis barnet falcon with i think a 197 9e engine. i am concidering building a pre 65 trials frame wise ect do i go drayton or wasp or is there any other choices out there ? any help and advice is welcome be-it engine wheels frames ect
  5. Hi, you have my sympathy with that one, a number of years ago i ripped a hole on the inside of my left leg just below the knee , the hole was almost big enugh to put my fist in and was too large for a&e to stich up so i had to go to theater to get it sorted, hurt like hell for about six months and is still a little tender now after years. from time to time i give it a littlr bump and i wear mountain bike downhill pads they give nice protecton front and sides with little loss of manouverability to the knees . they don't fit under trials pants so i use enduro style pants , i always keep themwith me just in case i need them at a trial
  6. has the bike been stood for a while ? this can cause all sorts of issues ,as for noise look at the exhaust but will run with it blowing . look for a spark at plug and have a look at carburettor they can get a bit messed up if left standing for a long time as little as a month in some cases
  7. i have run gas gas pro's since 2004 , 125 cc 250cc and 300cc for me and my son's i use 710 motul on a recommenation from a gas gas factory mechanic in uk. we always use 70ml oil to 5 litres liters of fuel with no problems . this is ok for trials as you spend very little time at full throttle . it also gives clean running with just a little smoke . hope this helps
  8. all vans are easy to break into, hence high insurance costs .leave nothing in your van when unattended. do not have any stickers ect on your van relating to our sport
  9. loads of gaskets kick start gears in uk in shure trials and enduro direct will help you with your needs they are the main gas gas importer in the uk .good company to deal with i'm shure they will post stuff to you
  10. That last post is about spot on for me .me and my son's have had so much from trials
  11. above all else keep it fun fun fun.
  12. i hope this is good for you both, i have ridden with my two boys since they were 7 years old ,we have had the joy and tears but its all part of the bonding process . trials is a very disciplined sport requireing full attention at all times . my boys are now men of 19 and 22 and my eldest still rides wth the old man, my youngest stoped about four months ago girls ect !!! i think it mighnt help at school as well, fingers crossed
  13. depends on ability, can your lad ride a motorcycle ? .
  14. i always use an exhaust bung, then put it in my garage, blow with airline wipe it down with some old towels. then remove rear mudguard/airbox, clean air filter ,allow to dry before fitting back in with clean filter , iv'e done this for years with out any drama.on most trials bikes the dog bone bearings cop for it a bit as do wheel bearings , submerging in muddy water dosen't help , just find your local bearing supplier and keep spares on shelf , i think they do well all considerd
  15. No it is for very hot weather that we rarely get in Yorkshire.
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