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  1. Ford Connect L2 or Citroen Dispatch

    all vans are easy to break into, hence high insurance costs .leave nothing in your van when unattended. do not have any stickers ect on your van relating to our sport
  2. any Keihin carb tips? whats the air screw set at?

    first thing first ,make shure the carb is clean . pilot jet prone to blocking and will make engine hunt on idle , other thing is float hight it is very easy to knock out of adjustment when removing and fitting the float bowl . factory jetting is ok for uk , some fit number 3 slide for a bit more zip at bottom end but that is a personal choice . as above about 1.5 turns out a good place to start , go a bit at a time to get it running smooth and look at the spark plug to see for a nice colour. hope this helps a little
  3. 02 txt 280 pro kickstarter

    loads of gaskets kick start gears in uk in shure trials and enduro direct will help you with your needs they are the main gas gas importer in the uk .good company to deal with i'm shure they will post stuff to you
  4. My boy wants to ride

    That last post is about spot on for me .me and my son's have had so much from trials
  5. My boy wants to ride

    above all else keep it fun fun fun.
  6. My boy wants to ride

    i hope this is good for you both, i have ridden with my two boys since they were 7 years old ,we have had the joy and tears but its all part of the bonding process . trials is a very disciplined sport requireing full attention at all times . my boys are now men of 19 and 22 and my eldest still rides wth the old man, my youngest stoped about four months ago girls ect !!! i think it mighnt help at school as well, fingers crossed
  7. My boy wants to ride

    depends on ability, can your lad ride a motorcycle ? .
  8. Jet washing bikes

    i always use an exhaust bung, then put it in my garage, blow with airline wipe it down with some old towels. then remove rear mudguard/airbox, clean air filter ,allow to dry before fitting back in with clean filter , iv'e done this for years with out any drama.on most trials bikes the dog bone bearings cop for it a bit as do wheel bearings , submerging in muddy water dosen't help , just find your local bearing supplier and keep spares on shelf , i think they do well all considerd
  9. new to trials central

    No it is for very hot weather that we rarely get in Yorkshire.
  10. new to trials central

    you won't need em this weekend it'll be cracking flags bud .i've put my order in lol
  11. New TXT 300 Pro Questions

    400cc is the quoted amount by gas gas but 400cc will fill it to the top of sight glass , i always change oil when engine is still hot so any lose paticles are still suspended in the oil give it time to drain and rock it side to side and back and forwards to get the most out . put 350 cc in first allow to settle and look at sight glass and top up just above halfway on sight glass both wheels on ground and level . i have run gas gas pro's since 2004 iam now on a 2011 that i have owned from new , you need to be on top with your game with maintenence, these bikes take no prisoners if you neglect them . one other thing be carefull starting the 300 its easy to chip the kickstart gear on 300's . Hope this helps , i know i've gone on a bit . happy trials
  12. new to trials central

    thats true , when your bike is ready to go it's soooo frustrateing and there's not a lot to polish on a trials bike .
  13. new to trials central

    hi everyone , i'm new to trials central but not to trials. just sitting around today looking at the snow , just hope it clears for next weekend for round two of Potters of Barnsley, novice and beginners trial ,fingers crossed