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  1. I replaced the front tube in my 2002 GasGas TXT Pro 280 today as it had a couple old patches from previous owner that didn't look too secure. It leaked down overnight I believe due to a hawthorne spike. Odd, second time it has done it in about 6 months and both times I removed this tube and placed it underwater and used soap and found no bubbles. Rest of the days for half a year it held air fine. Valve is fine and capped. I saw a remnant hawthorne spike in the tire so that is likely the cause - I removed the remnant, but didn't see it in the tube. Anyhow, the new Michelin tube has a dished washer and 2 nuts on the valve stem. The dished washer I presume stays against the tube on the stem. Where do the nuts go? Should one be inside the rim and one outside? Bike appears to have stock GG rims. Seems this GG rim is so deeply dished along its center that maybe the tube won't settle down completely into the rim where the valve stem goes through the rim, and perhaps one nut should be inside holding the tube off the rim a bit. I do have a good beadlock and there has been no torqueing migration of the tire and tube around the rim. No rim/tube pinches either. Just figured I ought to ask where the two nuts go. I saw lots of debate on this on a street bike forum, but those rims are less dished. Advice appreciated.
  2. I think the bike is for the most part sorted out fine and I just need to improve my skills. It starts fairly quickly if I put it on a stand and get up on the pegs, usually 2 or 3 kicks. On the ground I don't succeed. I think the leaning it thing will work if I'm out and about till I improve my balance. I bought regular NGK BP5RES plugs and will go for iridium version (BPR5EIX) next time. Not sure about jetting but it runs fine. Electrics seems to make spark fine and there is no headlight unfortunately. Air box has a crack but I keep after that sort of stuff.
  3. Today I tried the rocking back and forth in 2nd ending with backwards, and kicking, but can't kick quick enough with my left foot on the ground. I put it on the stand and got on the pegs and it started 1st kick. My kick is dismal when I'm standing on the ground with my left foot. So I'll have to learn the lean it on something to the left and get up on the pegs to get my weight up, then work towards the balancing act standing still.
  4. Starting the kick with the piston just past TDC is the same idea as what some 500cc Gold Star guys did using the compression release lever to ease it past TDC on the compression stroke, then kick briskly. Some would crank it a couple times with no compression to juice it up. Others would bring it partway up on the compression stroke, stop and release the pressure, then start the kick there so the first stroke didn't compress full length stroke, hence less gas and air. Others would bump start them with 1 or 2 pushers. On the 4 strokes the next compression cycle is 2 rotations away from the first TDC, so they would have more time to spin. A 2 stroke it is going to compress every rotation. I'll have to try the just past TDC on the txt. With my aging abilities it might be just the ticket to get the rotational speed needed. I also saw one fellow who said lay the bike over on its left side to flood the carb a bit first and that would help. Flooding sounds like a bad idea to me on a 2 stroke, unless he is talking about the equivalent of carb tickling like on the old amals. Or maybe he owns a spark plug company.
  5. That is one I have not heard - I'll have to try it. Doing so would bring the piston up backwards just past compression - it will end up past TDC. I reckon then when you jab the starter it spins freely more degrees of rotation before hitting compression in the right direction. Maybe that gives more flywheel speed.
  6. Sounds like I don't need to go inside the case from what you say. Probably need to go to the gym and do squats or something to strengthen my aging legs - running regularly ain't doing it anymore. Which is one of the reasons I bought a trials bike! To use more balance, body English, etc. I have a very hard time starting the engine with the bike not on a stand as my balance isn't good enough yet to stand still with the bike on the ground, engage the starter slowly, and kick quickly/sharply. Maybe I should just practice that for now or put the front wheel up against something like a stump or tree.
  7. Thank you all for your advice. I moved the kickstart lever on the splines back to 1:00 as suggested. The kickstarter gears engage when the lever is at about 10:00 to 10:30 which results in a short throw till it hits the footpeg. Is that normal or should it engage closer to 11:00 or 12:00? I rotated the handlebars forward to give about 2" more forward reach and leveled the brake and clutch reservoirs and lever assemblies. I just rode it and with my inexperience it doesn't feel much different, but I am used to road bikes and sitting down.
  8. I agree something is wrong and I've watched that video. I am trying to find a gasket for a decent price and have yet to find one for less than $30 to my door. I suppose that is what I'll have to pay. My guess is maybe the first tooth or two is missing on the partial gear. Previous owner was in there doing something and rebuilt the water pump prior to my purchase. If it is a broken gear I hope he removed the debris - all the more reason to go inside.
  9. If I put it at 1:00 I get less throw. It is engaging partway down towards the footpeg and I don't have much real stroke to kick it fast. That is the issue. Makes it hard to kick.
  10. I'm just starting so I'll try moving the bars and levers around. I'm 6'2" and have a fairly long reach. I actually adjusted the levers down a few rides after I bought it from where they were to better match where my fingers were oriented.
  11. Thank you for confirming it is a Pro.
  12. Here is a couple pics of the bike. When I search on the year and model I get all sorts of images and don't know what to trust. It has "pro" on decals on it but that could have been added by someone.
  13. Hello new to trials and this site. I got a 2002 Gas Gas txt 280 pro and it runs fine. However the kickstarter engages rather low, so it doesn't give me much throw before hitting the footpeg. I engage it before kicking, but I am not sure what the previous owners may have done. I moved the kickstart lever a spline on the shaft to get it further clockwise but can't go any farther clockwise with it and still have same problem. I am hesitant to open up the case because I don't see a ready source of gaskets and parts. Can someone advise me what is likely to be the cause, and where parts are found? I am guessing maybe a tooth is missing on a rooster tail pawl and parts are unobtainium?
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