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  1. Throttle Tube

    The smaller the diameter of the section the cable wraps around the slower the throttle, so by that logic if you can file down the shoulder the cable sits on you can make it slower. The limit is of course is just a touch larger than the size of the bar...
  2. 4rt style rear mudguard for 315r

    They are being cut to suit by the bike owners themselves. You would have to do the same if you wanted one. But you can't go wrong with the H&D MITANI 315 Rear mudguard (as stated by oni nou) if your after a clean install and look without the work.
  3. Montesa 300RR - "new" models for sale

    Frame information would be the best, however I have a 2017 and it has a black front fender, the 2018 has a red one. Hope that helps.
  4. Not sure if you can get this oil there but... We have good luck with Maxima MTL extra light 75w in my daughters 08 Gas Gas TXT Pro 125 transmission. its about the same as a 5-30 Mobile motor oil. And also use the fully synthetic Maxima 2T oil at 80:1 with excellent results for over 6 years.
  5. What's in a name?

    I think you have it with keyboard error, autocorrect on phones and computers is more and more the cause of my mistakes on the forum...
  6. Older newbie

    Welcome to the group.
  7. FYI: I have seen a rear tire shift on a trials bike at 3.5 psi and would have taken the valve stem off with the amount of shift. I think it was an older Dunlop 803 but don't remember for sure as it was some time ago so not impossible for it to happen, though I admit I have only ever seen it once.
  8. I would see if you can correctly solve the problem and keep it tube less. The low pressures in trials with a tube will likely have you getting pinch flats frequently with a tube and will also need a rim lock witch would require drilling a second hole in the rim if you do that to prevent the tire from rotating and tearing the valve stem out. good luck making your decision.
  9. Suspension

    Could be one, or the other, or both. However, I find more often than not when I would bottom out in the past it was my technique more than the suspension. If you are say 220 lbs (100kg / 16 stone) heaver springs might help but still technique is more important most of the time. Hope that helps.
  10. Toby Martyn

    I wasn't talking about how they actually scored there, was talking about how they are the only place that "supposedly" adopted the No Stop rules...
  11. Toby Martyn

    I think your hitting on at least part of the problem. How many other national events are No Stop... almost 0 last time I checked. The UK, world, who else? So if so few adopted it I wonder why we continue to see it in the world round? I have to agree with heffergm, haven't yet seen a post by him on this subject that I didn't approve of yet.
  12. Scorpa 2018? Yay or nay?

    Interesting... when I hear something like "... rev them and then down to idle would take ages. Like they were pulling in air." my first thought is that bike needs to be jetted and adjusted. The one guy in our group that rides a 2018 (at least I think its a 2018) runs fine.
  13. Toby Martyn

    Your time limit is fixed, max out and you have your 5... Better than the current rules in my opinion. But I see your point, if a large number of the riders do this it makes everything feel slow.
  14. Toby Martyn

    Unlike the 5 that got changed to a clean this one could just have been missed by mistake... still feels painful when you consider the other though...
  15. Toby Martyn

    I wish everyone did it the way it’s done in Japan and Spain! love watching videos of there events.