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  1. All of the linkage bits i checked have the same part numbers so I would think that the ether of the 4RT shock options, Showa or R16V, would fit and I would guess the same for the front Showa/Tech... Edit: Yes the front triple is the same part number as well so, yes the front Show or Tech's it would fit.
  2. Sure sounds like your master is loosing pressure because of a bad seal... maybe your fluid is rushing back into the reservoir so your not seeing any leaks? I haven’t worked on the Grimeca brakes so not sure how the piston and seals are setup so I don’t know if this is would be possible Without leaking but I have had it happen in the past on an old street bike I had so thought it might be worth a suggestion.
  3. Airoh lists the weaght on there site as well... 850 +- 50 Grams... Example: https://www.airoh.com/full-range/trr-s
  4. I haven't had any issues finding the weight on trials helmets. Because they are ECE 22.05 you get a range because of head size hence the +- 50 from XS - XXL... Example: Hebo Zone 4 Carbon 850 +- 50 Grams. Non Carbon 950 +- 50 Grams. Carbon: https://hebo.com/shop/gb/inicio/525-2701-cascohelmet-trial-zone-4-carbotech.html#/38-talla-xs/46-color-lime Non Carbon: https://hebo.com/shop/gb/inicio/541-2596-cascohelmet-trial-zone-4-monocolor.html#/26-color-white/31-talla-l Hope that helps...
  5. jonnyc21

    Monty rear end

    https://www.handdracing.co.uk/product-page/4rt-suspension-linkage-plate-upgrade-kit Works on the 315R and the 4RT. So others that are for the 4RT would as well, might give them an email and see when/if they are getting more back in stock.
  6. Last time I had a stuck caliper (Old Suzuki) I pulled it from the bike and used compressed air to force them out. Drained out the brake fluid, then stuck a set of well used pads in and hit it with the air.
  7. I would expect them to move a lot more than that... You also look like you have a great deal of fluid inside... Might have a bad seal?
  8. In order of preference not value/cost. Michelin X11 Dunlop 803gp Michelin X lite I actually like the X lite just a bit more when grip is the primary consideration but I find I get flats on sharp stuff or when puncture weeds (goat heads) are around and the Dunlop's do better against them than the X lite. Haven't tried the IRC's so can't comment on them.
  9. For me the last time I had an issue like this for me it was the position on the bike. I think I was putting just a touch more pressure on my hands than I had before. I had to adjust the bars a bit back and forth tell I was able to get about the same pressure as I had on my last bike. Of course I can't say this is the problem but I hope that helps and good luck.
  10. Not sure I can help with what trials boot, however I wouldn't go with the listed ONeal's. My kid had a set of ONeal's, a lot like that set, in the transition between her small pit bike and the Beta Rev 80 we got her and they where to stiff, in the end we got my daughter a pair of the AplineStars and they are way better for her. Maybe they would have softened up a bit more over time but it sure didn't seem like it. Of course she isn't needing the wider toe box and bigger calf so that isn't going to help you but hope the information on the stiff factor helps at least a bit. Good luck.
  11. jonnyc21

    2021 301RR

    Other than the stickers the rear design looks the same as the 2020 301 RR to me... and I agree its a pore design.
  12. My daughters first trials moto was an 80 Sr with the full size wheels. The difference in total weaght is maybe 4-6lbs last I recall and the 125 she rides now is way nicer suspension for any adult and I doubt its any harder to start than her old Beta 80. If it was me I would say go with a 125 unless you want to go down to something like an Oset 24.0R.
  13. Fantastic news. Glad you where able to get it sorted without having to go to drastic measures.
  14. As linaway indicated checking the jet tower is a good idea. Also, if you haven't checked and adjusted the jets that could help. Most people I know running a Keihin find a much larger low speed jet, smaller main, and needle setting change can make a big difference. It may sound a bit crazy but depending on the bike using anything from a 48-55 low speed, a 120-122 main jet, and a needle set between the middle to one lower around see level can run great. around 3-5k and a main of 118-120 and as low as 112 can be good at around 10k. Good luck.
  15. Sorry if there was any confusion, my comment was intended for 54tphill as he indicated his issue shows up inside 6 min or so.
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