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  1. jonnyc21

    Hour tacho meter

    Really like this one and this mount. (no affiliation) I had to get a longer tank bolt to make the mount work but really like it at the front like that, feels out of the way, easy to see/check, and the mount has been solid over the last couple years. (use it on my Montesa 300RR.) Meter: https://www.hardlineproducts.com/product/hourtach-meter/ Mount: https://www.hardlineproducts.com/product/hour-meter-instrument-style-mount/
  2. The barrings/bushings and bolts, (including shock bushings/barrings) all play into how much movement you have at the rear tire. When things are loose it will affect trials riding in a number of ways. I would expect that a lack of traction and control for most riders would be the most common problems, however a good number of riders might not even notice the change in grip and steering angle because in most cases it has changed over time and they adapted to it without noticing. I would also expect that unless they went from bad barrings/bushings/bolts/etc. to all new at once most likely wouldn't notice the change and even then some might not. I would guess that the second most affected riding would be hopping the front or rear, though probably more noticed on the rear hops, and as on the grip wouldn't expect it to be something most would notice as it likely changes over time and people often adjust without noticing. I would think the most apparent would be, as baldilocks indicated, on the bigger hits during drops, splats, zap's, etc. as it would make the most nose. Also, at 10mm I am wondering if your talking sag or slop.
  3. jonnyc21


    Haven’t ever seen one in real life but in the video I did see with the seat off it might fit a 1 ltr in there but I doubt you could get a 2 ltr under it. If you really want an extra couple of ltr’s or more I think you will need some other solution. Good luck.
  4. jonnyc21


    I think what your after is this. https://shop-s3.com/gb/montesa-4rt4ride/404-gear-shift-pedal-set-8435645019025.html
  5. I would also check the fan motor by running it using a 12V battery to make sure it isn't the cause of the bad regulator as well.
  6. Should be on the side of the radiator on the shifter side of the bike if I am remembering correctly. if you do a continuity check on it I want to say you will find an open circuit if that is the case then to by pass it and check voltage all you have to do would be to pull the wire off the plug and put a jumper between the connectors. and then check the voltage at the fan wires. Also, yes you can check down line closer to the regulator and should be able to tell if your having an issue there. If voltage is fine you might just have a bad fan motor?
  7. You should be able to bypass the temp sensor to cause the fan circuit to engage and test... There is a good chance that your regulator is not working correctly and you are getting high voltage to everything.
  8. Maybe check a few of the list below? is the throttle cable tight or snagged in some way? (will cause it to be like cracking the throttle open on starting and not run) Wire to the fuel pump connection issues will prevented a 4RT from starting. (check its all plugged in well) A bad kill switch can cause starting issues. (disconnect it to check) Some other connector loose? (there are a few to check) Grounding wires can cause issues. That is a few I can think of worth a look and if I can think of anything else I will chime in on a new post.
  9. I am very busy with work and haven't had time to work on or do anything with my bikes in weeks. It will likely be several more weeks before I would be able to spare the time to take it down to the point I could take any pictures. However if you get a good copy of the diagram it has the color codes on it the legend is in the lower right of the image you posted. See the example snip-it to see a sub section decoded a bit using the legend. .
  10. I have never seen a 4RT that uses a battery, not my friends 2005, my 2007 or my 2017 or any of the others that I have had the chance to ride... maybe this is an Indonesia only configuration? If so I wouldn't have a diagram for that. The diagram here shows a condenser (capacitor) that in the case of the 4RT is used to buffer the system to work without a battery. This allows you to kick the bike over once to charge the system and then on the second kick it will start no battery needed. If the bike you have is running a battery I would consider checking the condenser/capacitor is good as it might be causing a fault to the system having been connected to a battery all the time when the system was not designed for that; unless it has a disconnect that is used every time the bike is not in use? Sorry I am not able to be of more help. Best of luck.
  11. I don't' know of any 4RT's that use a battery... If it really is a 4RT and has one it has likely been modified. As such you will want to start looking into the electrical diagram of the bike and see if you can figure it out. Good luck. https://www.manualslib.com/manual/853548/Montesa-Cota-4rt-2005.html
  12. I would rather go back to the old fender than use the pointed one. Better coverage in the mud than the 2015 shape. I do like the look better than the old one, just a function over form kind of guy myself.
  13. I second the Up and Over Trials pants. They might be a little more to get outside of the US but might be worth it if your really wanting something that isn't skin tight. http://www.upandovertrials.com/pants
  14. If you can't get it sorted with a reeming tool setup to you might check Banyeres. Might be worth considering: https://jbanyeres.com/en/suspension/2440-suspension-botella-original-showa-conjunto-derecha-izquierda.html?search_query=showa&results=83 And the other option might be a full set: https://jbanyeres.com/en/montesa/471-horquilla-delantera-showa-trial-modelo-2009-2012-39-mm.html?search_query=showa&results=83
  15. I am an adult and we have a 07 Gas Gas 125 my wife started on and is now used by my daughter... As such I checked out a couple 125's for comparison and the only negative I found on any was the gearbox/shifting on the Gas Gas 125. There compact gearbox is light but shifting from 4th to 5th and back down is harsh. Other than that all the others I have tried are great. (FYI: I haven't been on a TRS 125 or Vertigo 125)
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