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  1. It should self prime with a couple kicks after adding fuel. After that you may need to give it full throttle and a single kick to reset the ECU for it to start but that would be about it unless as indicated by lemur the pump failed.
  2. Montesa's don't come with a seat by default in most places, however they can be found if you want one and are willing to look around for them. The catch is depending on your location it maybe hard to get one though.
  3. If your leaning to E-Start then I would lean to a TRS 250 as most people really don't need 300's. Gas Gas's are known for being harder to start in general. Even my daughters 125 Gas Gas was harder for me to start when cold than my Montesa 300 RR (not harder to kick over but to get started, especially when cold). I know its opinion and having my bias to Montesa's would get another in a snap if I was after an upgrade as I find them great on a trail and at the club events myself. They do have there disadvantages however so are not for everyone. Good luck deciding what to get.
  4. Not sure myself on if it can be converted but I would expect at the latest you can get a low compression head/insert. hopefully someone else knows the exact answer.
  5. Makes sense, I admit I am quite interested in hearing what others think as well. Though if I still had a 2T bike I would be willing to give it a try. Only have a couple of Montesa 4T's at this time so not really in the cards for me.
  6. The concept sounds good, I have to wonder how long it would last, how it would sound, if it would capture oil more, and such. If you ever end up giving it a try I would be interested in the outcome.
  7. I knot it isn't a steep hill video but it a good uphill splat shot of Bou.
  8. My 2017 300 RR Montesa came in at 164-165 and my 2007 4RT was 166-167 fully fueled and ready to ride if I am remembering correctly. Hope that helps.
  9. Yes and no part numbers are different but one is black and the other is silver. everything else looks the same to me between both my bikes so I would expect someone could interchange them without issue. 11350-NN4-000 - for my 2007 250 and a 2022 260 11350-NN4-L60 - for my 2017 300 and a 2022 301
  10. I only suggest the cam chain tensioner because I have heard of a few of them having issues where they would bind up and not keep the needed pressure and so get some chain slap. Where not a common issue one of the ones I know about was on a newer 260 (couple years old) so figured considering how easy it is to check that part it was worth a look. The one I indicated here was replaced by a manual tensioner and the sound went away and the owner likes it better, however if swapped with a manual version it would need to have the tension checked from time to time. What ever the case I hope it turns out something simple to fix it like changing fuel, the tensioner, or spark plug etc.
  11. Before going all in on that I would double check the timing chain tensioner. I know that you can get a noise that sounds a bit like piston slap from the chain. Would be the least invasive check and if the issue would be one of the lower cost options. Well worth a look in my opinion. Also, unless you put piles of hours on your bike or are not doing oil changes it is more likely something simple like the tensioner than a piston issue considering the year of even the oldest 301's in comparison to how long most Montesa's last in my opinion. good luck.
  12. Bit longer and not as much riding as I would like so going back to older threads seems to be a side-affect. LOL
  13. Both my 2007 4RT and my 2017 300 RR is behind the bars as well... good luck. PS. On Page 34-35 or section 2-11 and 2-12 under service data of the manual linaway posted is the hose and cable routing information.
  14. I know this is a very old thread however I think it really depends on what kind of speeds your going and if road or trail riding. On a decently open trail where I was able to hold a lot of 4th gear and some 5th mid RPM and almost never going below 3rd on my Montesa I was able to get just over 23 miles on the 2 Liter tank of fuel. (Bike was a 2007 Montesa 4RT 250). When I ride a lot of slower more technical trails or higher RPM's the fuel drops and I don't get that much. I had to carry extra fuel to be sure I could make the loop I was riding, ended up only needing 1 of the 3.5 extra I had with me.
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