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  1. shakennstirred

    little end bearing

  2. shakennstirred

    Beamish Coil

    Try the owners club, they have a good total setup for sale.
  3. shakennstirred

    Boyesen Reeds, Worthwhile?

    I would and did with my 38 year old Beamish Suzuki. I went for hytech reeds in mine and at just £14 it was a no brainer. In fact they are for a ty250 as no one makes them for the Beamish and as the Beamish Reed block is almost a direct copy of the TY Reed block they are bolt straight in.
  4. shakennstirred

    Boyesen Reeds, Worthwhile?

    How old were the stock reeds. If there old as in from back in the day. Then it's wise to get rid of them anyway. If they fail because of age they will take the piston n barrel with them. At least if the fibre reeds fail they will do no damage.
  5. shakennstirred

    New to this from Derbyshire UK

    If you go the classic route, look up peak classic trial club. Good club and they have some great venues to ride and lots of classes to suit every level.
  6. shakennstirred

    New to this from Derbyshire UK

    Modern bike or Twinshock classic bike.
  7. shakennstirred

    Miller Bultaco or Whitlock?

    doesnt look like a hi-boy frame
  8. shakennstirred

    Beamish Coil

    Sorted and bikes running again
  9. shakennstirred

    Beamish Coil

    In need of a new Coil. the old one as broke were the HT lead goes in and being a captive lead its new coil time. I have found these more modern type where I can replace the HT lead if needed, but not sure on where the wires go on them? anyone know cheers
  10. shakennstirred

    Novice question about adjusting preload

    You want about 10mm sag without you on the bike. If you have it set with no sag the shocks top out and it will feel horrible.
  11. shakennstirred

    TY 250 A gear shift lever- What is normal?

    Mine and most trials riders have it pointing up out the way of rocks etc
  12. shakennstirred

    Is this cylinder damage? TY 250 A

    thats just a tidy up with a small grinder, maybe at the factory
  13. shakennstirred

    Cleaning the chamber and tail pipe?

    50:1 would be better
  14. shakennstirred

    Honda TL250 trails questions (1976)

    make sure the dip stick is dry before, will make it easier to see where its wet
  15. shakennstirred

    TL250 - now running, well sort of...

    get a sonic cleaner and strip the carb down and give it 15-20 mins in the cleaner.