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  1. Getting close to my 400 subscribers.
  2. looking forward to seeing it finished . the work you put in to it is amazing.
  3. yes its tapered . one for sale on ebay, by the beamish owner club Suzuki Exacta/Beamish/RL250/RL325. Oil Drain Plug. Swing Arm. 61274-38000. | eBay
  4. I have some Sealskins socks, had them 3 years and they are great. If in the UK look out for aldi shop fishing offers, they also have some good waterproof sock and they are half the price of the Sealskins brand
  5. Thanks. Most filmed at my local classic trials, run with the real rules of trials ie no stop.
  6. If you want some videos to watch till we can get out n do some trials here is my Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmRRuTQ4uOXdKGl4KlQnU3w?view_as=subscriber
  7. My local classic trials Twinshock regs Machine Eligibility Twinshocks 1. Motor to be from a motor cycle originally manufactured, produced and sold prior to 1985 as a twinshock motor cycle. 2. Main frame loop to be from a motor cycle originally manufactured, produced and sold prior to 1985 as a Twinshock motor cycle. Replica frames are allowed but should comply with the concept that the finished machine should retain the appearance of the original machine that it pertains to be a replica of. 3. Maximum fork stanchion diameter is 38mm. 4. Fuel must be carried in a fuel tank located above the motor. Fuel lines to be routed away from exhaust and silencer. 5. Rear shock absorbers may be of any type but must be mounted one either side of the machine and must not be mounted at an angle that exceeds 40 deg from the vertical. OSSA gripers exempted. 6. Brakes must be of drum type, no twin leading shoe or disc brakes, and be cable or rod operated. 7. No hydraulic brakes or clutch operation allowed. 8. Ignition cut out switches, kill switches, must be fitted and working. This is a safety requirement. 9. Silencers must be fitted and must reduce exhaust noise to an acceptable level. 10. Tyres to have trials tread pattern and not exceed 2.75 section front and 4.00 section rear. Tubeless tyres allowed.
  8. shakennstirred

    ty175 mix

    50:1 on a modern oils is a great place to start I wouldnt go below that its just to much for a modern oil
  9. Round 10 of the Peak Classic trials championship takes place this Sunday 20th October, at Dudwood farm, Elton, Derbyshire DE4 2LS. The variety of sections available will I’m sure provide the usual great trial, Including river sections and some rocks to tackle. Many thanks to Barry for the use of his venue. Trial starts at 11am, entries close 5 minutes before. See you Sunday Andy & the team.
  10. In my local club you cant use twin leading shoe brakes on twinshocks
  11. Yes that's one of Petes bikes. He has spoken to the police
  12. I always lock my bike to the trailer and have a bolt through the hole in the towing arm so you can't get the trailer off the car. A friend years ago didn't and while he went in to his house to open the gates his bike was nicked off the trailer. He was gone about 30s and someone had it.
  13. Stolen, stolen, Stolen From Chesterfield Saturday night 03.08.2019 2 TY250 Yamaha Trials Bikes, both unique. Please keep your eyes and ears open and share this post. Let’s make them impossible to sell or break up ! Reward offered for any information !
  14. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F271155266283
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