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  1. Sorry, couldn't find an image of Dave Thorpe on his CCM in the Scottish in the archive - but how about Nick Jefferies on what was reported to be a 400cc CCM in the 1978 Scottish - seen wheeling it off the initial weigh-in ramp............ Enjoy.
  2. Simon Wigg will be featured in our digital magazine.
  3. There is a crossover sport derived from speedway and grass track roots that is particularly popular in Holland and Germany, Long Track racing. In 1986 an attempt to introduce it to the north of England was made in September, when a set of competent riders led by Ivan Mauger brought their long track bikes to a stadium at Hammerton, that previously had been used for equestrian events, in particular Sulky (trotting races) where the driver perches behind the horse on a simple two wheeled trailer and the horses are trained to race with a peculiar trotting action. When the equestrian owners of the specialised track saw what the motorcycles were doing in the way of sand shifting it appears no future invitations were issued - but we have images for the record which will be included in our review of motorcycle sporting activity from the 1980s to date in our magazine. I am includng one of the images for your entertainment! Enjoy....
  4. In 1986 there was a round of the Yorks Enduro Championships at Low North, Scarboro. There are dozens of images from the event in the Offroadarchive and many will be featured in forthcoming issues of our digital magazine, as will enduro action in the intervening years - so if you are an enduro fan - watch this space........... Enjoy this James Moorhouse photograph.
  5. I owned one for about a year when they were new and, as a trials bike it was a disaster, the power output was all wrong and the gearing was pathetic - so you can be fairly sure it isn't a good proposition as a bike to ride in current classic events (assuming one were prepared to risk such a valuable investment) moreover it isn't actually eligible other than in British Bike trials where it could be ridden in the twinshock class. Like you say - if you have the loot buy it as a work of art and stick it in a frame on the wall...........................
  6. No names, no pack drill - but here is a warning message taken from our current digital magazine. I have seen (no better than that - I have examples in my archive) of works BSA C15T and also Victors, Cotton Starmakers, works AJS, replica AJS/Matchless suffering from precisely the same malady. I have NEVER seen, nor ever heard of, anybody managing to break a Greeves alloy beam frame - in my own case I had a Trigreeves with a 650cc tuned motor in a Greeves alloy beam framed special that withstood everything I could give it when I had a more than ample body weight for the average rider.......... What is more - they are nice and light..............
  7. Hi Franck, I assume you want to turn your '57 G80 into something like this? To help you with ideas I recommend you look at our digital magazine, ORRe which you can find by pressing the ORRe button on the home page of 'tc', where you will find the complete fully illustrated history of the AJS/M competition machines, plus many photographs of them in current action in classic trials. When you have collected all your ideas we can then advise you where to find most things you will need. Enjoy.
  8. The Bells are in our digital magazine coverage of the Pre-65, as is this other Royal Enfield rider, Dave Watson who hails from Richmond in Yorkshire but spends his working life in Australia driving huge machines. Each year he comes home for selected rides on the family Crusader as seen here in the 2016 Pre-65 photographed by Jack Knoops. Enjoy
  9. Many moons ago I had an enquiry about photographs of scrambling, particularly at Cuerden Park near Preston in the 1980s. Well I've now reached the stage of cataloguing the archive where I'm adding images taken by my friend and colleague, Bob Light, at a British Championship event at Cuerden in May 1986. Trouble is I no longer have any programme or entry list details, so identifying the riders is almost impossible. Can anyone remember whether riders carried the same numbers all season back then, or was every meeting different - and if numbers were constant through the year - has anyone a copy of any programme of any meeting back then, 'cos I'm just about to start on a whole series from Thirsk, Sutton Bank, Boltby, Oulton Park, etc. Meantime - here's one of the previously unpublished images for you to enjoy...........
  10. Often looked upon as a 'practice' for the Scott Trial, regulations are now available for this year's event. "Ilkley & D.M.C. Ilkley Grand National Trial. 18-03-2017 Middleton Moor, Ilkley (signed from Ilkley town centre) Start time 1.00 pm. Course. Three and two laps of moorland approximately ten mile lap. Observation TSR 22B. All sections to be attempted. Marking. Average of the fastest ten finisher create Standard Time. Classes. Main course Expert/Inter/Novices/Over 40’s & 50’s/Team/Newcomer. Clubman course. Clubman/Newcomer/Over 40/Over 50/Lady. No youth competitors allowed. Condition of land permit - all competitors licensed. Entry closing date. 15.03.2017. Late entries up to one hour before start plus £10.00 fee. Secretary. Neil Raven, 8 North Terrace, Yeadon, Leeds LS19 7JR. 0113 202 9016." Note: Barry Robinson has offered an award for the Best Performance by a Lady competitor and also arranged for a group of selected youngsters to act as travelling marshalls to keep the event moving. The marshalls will gain experience to aid their development in readiness for riding in the Ilkley Grand National themselves and ultimately the Scott Trial n two years.
  11. Tuesday afternoon and the work on issue 52 is going well, several classic trials photoreports plus our new retrospective on the events thirty years ago has multiple images from the 1986 Bemrose and the 1986 Travers that have never been published before......... But the major feature is our photoreport on the 2017 Talmag, which already has no less than seventy-eight half or full page photographs, all in great detail of getting on for half of the entry. So if you - or anyone you know - rode in the Talmag please let them know - THEIR photo will be in our magazine. Enjoy
  12. Date. 04/03/2017. West Leeds Motor Club. 2nd Club championship Trial. Post Hill, Wood Lane, Farnley, Leeds. All classes from Expert to Youth Class D. Four section routes. Start time. 13.00 hours. Secretary. Peter Walton 0113 2932943. No refreshments or toilets. No engines started before 13.00.
  13. The 160cc Ducati Monza conversion ridden in the Talmag this year by Mick (?) Watmore looked far closer to the Peter Gaunt Ducati that I bought from Peter and rode for a couple of years. That, of course, was a 350cc desmodromic. It was photographed by Gary Dowshall for ORRe and is included in our extensive feature of this year's event. Enjoy.
  14. My email in-box has been glowing, mainly at my suggestion that we would cap all the professional magazine's Talmag inputs. The comment that really caught my attention reads "How on earth can you make such a claim..........." Well. back home in Yorkshire that's what we call a challenge, so here's another statement as my answer. "In forthcoming issues of OFF ROAD REVUe there will be at least one photograph of EVERY competitor who rode in the 2017 TALMAG, and, for particularly interesting machines, views of both drive and timing sides." Now tell me who is going to match that?
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