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  1. I'm Franck. I run a little workshop in Lyon France specialized in vintage european and British bikes. I bought a 52 G80 to replace my 57 G80 with a 16M engine, as my daily ride. The 52 's on the road now and I'm willing to finish turning the G80/16M into a trials bike. I got fed up with track racing so now I want to "test" off road motorcycling. I've been fascinated for a little while now by the "old school" trials bikes and races. So here I'm am to enjoy the off road world and get a few tips to turn my bike into a nice, easy to use bike as I'm a beginner in off roading. The bike already has 21" front tire, alloy tank, small seat... But what sprocket to use? What are those tiny front hubs you see on vintage AMC trials bike, where to get a in between engine frame oil tank.... Hope to find some good tips here. Also got a barn find 1970 B25 I'd like to give the same treatment. Thanks in advance. Franck.
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