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  1. Woody, with RAL 1021 you suggest as being a nice deeper yellow for the Gripper, to match the mudguards, did you use white or grey primer. I’m told it does make a difference to the final top coat colour.

    Many thanks.


  2. woody

    TLR250 Piston kit and Gaskets

    TY OFFROAD have got pistons as well as ring sets. The pistons are both standard and oversize. The oversize he had made and is a quality piston, it's more like a hone oversize than a proper oversize. A good number have been sold with no problems. Check the website https://www.tyoffroad.co.uk/store/c20/ENGINE.html
  3. woody

    Bultaco 350 Carburettor settings 199A

    28mm is the correct size carb for the 199a (all Sherpas in fact with the 'new type' 325 motor from model 159 onwards as they have bigger inlet and exhaust ports than the original 325 engine) Mikunis are really difficult to jet from scratch, as someone else said, so many variables of carb type, needle jets, needles, all of which have to match as you can't just fit any needle to any needle jet. It probably is the right type for the bike but as they weren't standard fitment there is no base setting for jets etc. You rely on someone else having one on the same bike that works properly and using the same. They all have the air screw on the right hand side which is another pain in the a*** feature about them when you have a bike with a right hand exhaust like the Sherpa. Then there's the flooding... The Bing works fine as long as it isn't worn, as with any carb For the jetting you have, 130 is a bit small and you probably need a 150 / 160. The TY main jet size of 240 is misleading as they are sized differently. Put a 240 VM jet in your carb and you'll pour more fuel in to the motor than it can burn, it'll be flowing out of the exhaust OKO 28mm carb works very well and runs pretty well straight out of the box with maybe just a drop of one notch on the needle and pilot jet change. They cost about £65 from Scooter Assassins in Taiwan (ebay) and a set of 10 pilot jets is about £18 - free post. There are cheaper available but they're copies and useless. Or you could buy one from Mid Atlantic trials in USA for about £100 ready jetted, but to be honest they are an easy carb to set up, unlike a Mikuni. I see you're in Hednesford. I'm running a trial (Stafford Auto club) at Milwaich on Sunday a few miles north of Rugeley. Bring your bike up there and we can have a look, if time you can try the OKO off my Sherpa
  4. woody

    Ossa TR 80 Yellow 350 Gripper workshop manual.

    Not sure there was a workshop manual but there is a parts list that you can download from various free download sites on the net. For engine strip, the engine components and layout are the same as the MAR apart from small updates over the years to gear selector shaft and layshaft bearings which went from bushes to needle rollers. This means you can't swap the gear train from a 'bushed' gearbox to a roller gearbox and vice-versa. They look identical but there are small differences in shaft lengths and diameter. The Gripper has the clutch weight that the MAR doesn't have They have a cush drive, it's behind the clutch crank weight Pistons are very hard to get, you'll probably have to trawl the specialists in Spain or USA, I don't know of any here. The 350 MAR uses the same piston but the pins are in a different location from the Gripper so there may be issues with them fouling in the ports. I guess they could be relocated. But the 350 MAR piston is probably equally hard to find
  5. woody

    Ossa gripper engine

    You say it should be between 1.3 and 1,8mm BTDC with the stator fully clockwise. That's fully retarded. If that is how you like it then that is ok but fully retarded isn't the Ossa recommendation for trials model which is usually 2.5 - 3mm before TDC Ultimately it's the owner's personal choice how they set it
  6. woody

    Ossa gripper engine

    There aren't any actual timing marks, what you do is line up the hole in the flywheel with the hole in the stator plate and that is the firing point, so you just move the stator so that they line up at whatever point before TDC you want it set at. The hole in the flywheel is about 5 o'clock with the engine at TDC (or about 8 o'clock if it has an earlier ignition fitted) To line them up there is an actual motoplat part called a timing pin but you can use something like a pushbike spoke or similar. Did you use a genuine TR80 piston if you have fitted a new piston?
  7. woody

    Gripper timing

    Ultimately it's personal choice, you can set anywhere between 2mm and 3.5mm before TDC depending on the response you want from the engine on pick up from idle
  8. woody


    Sherpa t 325cc 1972/73
  9. woody

    1978 bultaco sherpa t

    It's just an earlier manifold from a 158 to take the M92 pipe as the early 325 and later 250 are the same fitting
  10. woody

    Sherpa T 350, 159 model. What handlebars??

    The original bars for the 159 were about 8 inch rise as were virtually all of the bikes from that era, with no brace. The black braced bars came in about 1978/79 on the M198/199 I think
  11. woody

    1978 bultaco sherpa t

    As Steve said, frame is an early frame, from the headstock and frame tube layout I'd say series 2 model 91/92 from 1973. The exhaust chrome pipe is an M92 type and is the same diameter as later 250 pipes. It's definitely not a 198 frame. Engine looks to be a 198 type so if the numbering is not altered it should be the original engine. Maybe the original frame got damaged and someone acquired that one and stamped it to match. I've recently had some issues with DVLA whereby someone was applying for a V5 for a model 92 Sherpa that belongs to me. Turns out he must have had the engine that my bike left the factory with and stamped a frame with that number to apply for an age related plate - I'm assuming he knew engine/frame numbers matched from the factory and that he could date it from the engine number. The frame number flagged up as already registered so I had to prove that I had the original. DVLA wouldn't show me photos of the bike that he was applying for but the police who came to inspect mine did and I couldn't believe what had been done. It was a later frame and looked as though it had had the frame number chiselled into it, so no surprise really if you have one that has been tampered with
  12. woody

    Red Ossa 303 TR80

    No idea why he told you that about the gearbox, the 303 shares the same engine components as the TR80 Gripper and MAR trials bikes plus numerous other models. Not really describable as a hodge podge either, it's basically an evolution of the TR80, with frame changes presumably eradicating the weak points where they could break. The engine is TR80, exhaust is TR80 redesigned to go over not around the cylinder and a new slimmer tank seat unit was fitted.
  13. woody

    1974 Ossa MAR

    Sounds as though you may have a case from an earlier model Pioneer as most early Ossas had small crank assemblies. The early MAR - MK1 from 72/73, engine number begins 34 - also had a smaller crank assembly than the MK2 onwards - yours will be a NK2 as it's 74. As it is a 74 model the layshaft will run in bronze bushes so you need one from 74 - 76 engine, in late 76/77 the layshaft assembly was changed to run in needle rollers not bushes and although the shafts look identical they are slightly different in length and diameter so won't interchange (they might assemble but the gearbox won't work properly) You need an engine from a MAR that begins 21, 22 or 23. I don't know much about Explorer specs but think one beginning 44 or 45 might match the MAR but not sure - if you could find one as they're rare in UK. Ossa ID chart here with chassis numbers (applies to engine also as they're the same) http://ossa.2y.net/ossa/reference/ossaref.html
  14. woody

    Montesa Cota 330 owners.

    Hi Sandy, no, sold it some time ago and it went to Denmark. I gave it a total refurb along with a Cota 350 at the same time. Rode both a few times and out of the two I preferred the 350,
  15. woody

    Montesa Cota 330 owners.

    Puma bike uses an exhaust from a 335, common mod in Spain