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  1. Hi my name is Ben wibberley and I have been riding trials since I was 5. I have been a regular competitor in the British trials championship for many years. I rode round 2 of the championship at Westwood near Barnsley and I have to say I think it was one of the worst trials I have ridden this year. I rode the championship class going up from expert A last year as the rules have changed to non-stop and they were meant 2 ease the sections. But I dropped over 100 which is more than I usually did last year. This is because the sections were not set to the rules and some are un-rideable without stopping!!! So where's the severity change??? With the current rules you are also putting massive pressure on observers. I felt the observing was very inconsistent with some riders getting away with stopping and others been given a second or so and getting away with it. This can make or break the top riders findl position!! And finally I didn't speak to 1 person that enjoyed the trial. Every rider I speak to hates these rules so how nobody listens to us? The beginning of the year a survey was done for who does/doesn't want the non-stop rules? But no results came out?!!! Maybe I am the only 1 that is brave enough to speak out as others maybe contracted etc to ride these event but I for 1 will not be riding anymore BTC with current rules. Cheers Ben
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