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  1. blueflag

    Advice please.

    Sorted! Thank you.

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    New tank and seat unit, rear hub re sleeved for brake drum and bearing seat. New rear wheel bearings, few new bits, old ones included with the sale, Aspen fuel in the tank, stops and goes well. Good tyres. I need the space and I'm not likely to use it so it needs to go to a new home. £1650 no offers. I'm in warrington in Cheshire.

    1,650.00 GBP

  3. blueflag

    Advice please.

    Thanks, I'll have a proper look!
  4. blueflag

    Advice please.

    Hi all, I'm trying to post an advertisement for my M49 I'm putting up for sale, I can't find a sales forum here, is there one or can I just put the advertisement on here? TIA. Mike
  5. Sorry, just read this, no, I did the Manchester 17 Dead easy near Buxton. a super day out! Easy enough to apply for an ACU license on their website, you can join an affiliated club at the same time, very simple.
  6. Bolton have a trial at Grimehills tomorrow. Great weather for it too!
  7. blueflag


    Welcome mon ami!
  8. Try Bolton motorcycle club, I did one with them last year at Grimehills. Friendly bunch. Manchester 17 are a decent club but most trials are in Derbyshire. they are running the first Dead easy trial of the year this Saturday near Buxton..
  9. I came to trials a few years after I retired from road racing. I was completely gobsmacked at how cheap it is to do as a sport. (I won't say compete because I'm rubbish...) Wish I'd started years ago.
  10. Nice video, once the price comes down a bit I'll be looking at one.
  11. If you can give me the O/D, I/D and overall length I'll look it up. I have an SKF catalogue in work. I should be able to identify the bearing.
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