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  1. Thanks, I'll have a proper look!
  2. Hi all, I'm trying to post an advertisement for my M49 I'm putting up for sale, I can't find a sales forum here, is there one or can I just put the advertisement on here? TIA. Mike
  3. Sorry, just read this, no, I did the Manchester 17 Dead easy near Buxton. a super day out! Easy enough to apply for an ACU license on their website, you can join an affiliated club at the same time, very simple.
  4. Bolton have a trial at Grimehills tomorrow. Great weather for it too!
  5. Try Bolton motorcycle club, I did one with them last year at Grimehills. Friendly bunch. Manchester 17 are a decent club but most trials are in Derbyshire. they are running the first Dead easy trial of the year this Saturday near Buxton..
  6. I came to trials a few years after I retired from road racing. I was completely gobsmacked at how cheap it is to do as a sport. (I won't say compete because I'm rubbish...) Wish I'd started years ago.
  7. Nice video, once the price comes down a bit I'll be looking at one.
  8. If you can give me the O/D, I/D and overall length I'll look it up. I have an SKF catalogue in work. I should be able to identify the bearing.
  9. I enjoyed the event, I also was disappointed at the lack of goodies to buy. Didn't notice the prices fluctuating but would have been annoyed if I had. Loved the craic and friendly atmosphere though.
  10. How did they get the ice cream van up there?
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