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  1. betaboy100


    Thanks for the reply mate. Iv got my eyes on the 2019 gasgas so gonna hold off on any expensive jobs on my current bike unless i decide to keep it.
  2. betaboy100


    Im around 11/12 stone so dont think i need the heavier spring. Think some work on technique is needed haha. Thanks for the reply.
  3. betaboy100


    Hi guys, iv noticed when landing of anyone more than 4ft or so my bike seems to 'bottom out'. Is this down to suspension settings being wrong or my technique not being right?
  4. betaboy100

    280 or 300?

    Well in an ideal world i would keep the 11 gasgas 280 and get the 19 300 but i have no way of storing 2 bikes unfortunately. I like my 280 at the minute, it had the fly wheel weight on back when i first got, since then iv removed it and like the zip it gives but do sometimes find it to be a little 'snatchy'. Really undecided. Thanks for the replies guys. Really appreciated.
  5. betaboy100

    280 or 300?

    Hi guys. Just looking for any feedback as to the difference you would feel on the 300 compared to the 280. I currently ride a gasgas 280 txt pro but looking at a the 2019 gasgas 300 racing? Any advice etc is very much appreciated. Thanks, liam
  6. betaboy100

    Corwen today

    Im from wigan myself where is this place?
  7. betaboy100

    GasGas 280cc flywheel weight

    Ah right. Wasnt entirely sure how it affected the bike. Will try it. Thanks.
  8. betaboy100

    GasGas 280cc flywheel weight

    Recently bought a 2011 gasgas txt pro 280cc bike but is has come with a weighted flywheel. Never had a 280 before (previous was 300) and been told that without the weight it is too 'snappy' at the slow stuff. Anyone any ideas as to wether i should take it off?
  9. betaboy100

    Team Wgasa Winter Training 2014

    I really wish i had a indoor place like this somewhere near me, it would be so good to be able to practice no matter what the weather is like
  10. betaboy100

    Mokwepa - My Progress :)

    Where do you get these made??
  11. betaboy100

    Mokwepa - My Progress :)

    I think that you are getting it now, it looks a lot more smoother and the bash plate is clearing quite obviously now. Keep up us updated with the progress mate!
  12. betaboy100

    Betaboy- Progress To Be Made!

    Nope, im still at it haha
  13. betaboy100

    Trials In The North West

    Hey guys! So i have recently got a 290cc Beta Evo, 2011. I was wandering if i can enter trials with it as i am only 16? If the answer is yes than can anyone suggest somewhere within the North West that holds a good trials with novice/intermediate routes available?
  14. betaboy100

    Bruno Ceriotti, Argentinian Trials Chronicles.

    How long has it taken them to build that bike?? And oh no, you better get some barbed wire!!
  15. betaboy100

    Mokwepa - My Progress :)

    Yeah don't forget to get loads of pics for us!!