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  1. 70 to 74 MK4's and MK4B's had them fitted but it's the chassis numbers which are important. 21M6600 to 21M6699
  2. No disrespect intended Keychange but if you've found something, please supply the Link. The search results vary depending on what part of the world you're in. Sammy Miller was taken over, all products can now be found at Feked.com I looked there first and found nothing compatible.
  3. Many, many thanks for a great piece of information Cleanorbust.
  4. Hi, I'm trying to get hold of an exhaust silencer for my Cota 247. In the attached picture it can be seen top right. I've tried most of the usual sources but have had no luck so far. Thanks in advance, Phil
  5. The last round was held on the 19th of October in Kerzenheim.
  6. Take a look at this thread, Should be of help.
  7. Hi Carl, petroleum safe it is but they didn't look into the crystal ball to see that petroleum companies would be removing lead and adding ethanol. I asked Aral, here in Germany, what fuel they could recommend for old bikes with GFK tanks. Their answer was to use Ultimate 102, it has not ethanol or other GFK aggresive additives. The same would probably apply for all of the high octane products available such as Shell V power etc, but would need to be checked with the company concerned for the product/s in question. I have the same problems as Section Swept with a 348 and a 247 at present. Phil
  8. Hi, my frame extensions are welded from both sides and should be strong enough without any webbing. I've attached the 'basic' template so you can see roughly whats required. What you can't see in the pic is thet the part of the pedal visible is in fact curved from top to bottom along the length of it which helps to keep it stable ang give it some torsional strength. It now needs to be stripped and tarted up so that it also looks the part. I the meantime I've also fitted a modded Aprilia Climber primary and clutch case and some new MX levers which allow for easy adjustment and positioning of the lever restpoint. Something I wanted but will not be something for everyone. Need to test them for a while before deciding to keep them or go back tu the old Magura ones.
  9. Lots of stuff here which might be of use to someone, https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0r72lqfnlmizd6k/AAACsWjLJEkgK5XFdJ5dPojKa?dl=0 Or even here, https://clasicaslegendarias.com/manual-despiece-montesa/
  10. Hi, thanks for the replies but I want a pair of matching levers and I do not want to put bits where the shouldn't be, technology has evolved and there must be some decent levers out there somewhere for cable front brakes and cable operated clutches. The clutch lever and perch seems to be addressed in the MX and enduro world but noth the front brake. Phil
  11. Hi, can anyone help me find a set of levers, cable brake and clutch, where not only the pull can be adjusted but the resting position of the lever as well ? Thanks, Phil
  12. After moving the pegs down and back, the next hurdle was the brake pedal. It was quite a mind boggle to fabricate a lever that could be covered whilst still being planted on the footpeg. What made ir even more of a challange was the lack of space available due to having a swingarm from a TX 300 Aprilia fitted. Anyway, after a few tries and mods it now works 'Like' the original and I'm happy.
  13. You could probably get yourself a used book, there are some available. Use www.bookfinder.com Author is Clymer Titel is Montesa Service
  14. Hi, see the pdf I attached. Have fun, Phil Adjuster001.pdf
  15. Hi Oldaz, bit late for you now but I bought an earlier model than yours a few months ago and have been faced with just about the same set of problems as you. My tip to everybody would be, go out and spends wads of cash on an endoscope before you do anything else. Mine fits my android phone and a windows 7 notebook/laptop. You can look inside tanks, bores, gearboxes, you name it. Mine came with a 90 degree mirror ad adapter, a magnet attachment and a small hook. The software allows you to take stills and make videos. There are loads available for all sorts of end devices and the wads of cash was € 20. Well worth it as far as I'm concerned. Phil
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