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  1. sorry for late reply, not been on for a while, i'm thinking of going electronic ignition, no messing about, i just want it running now, lifes too short, could you advise me on how to go about it, starting with best place to buy, and how easy to fit, ? thanks stu, anglesey
  2. ello fella, i used to go down to sandifords on a satd'y morning just to sit on the bultaco's and monties, was deffo dreaming, my brother rob used to work there in 74-75. very happy days, i now have a 1974 247. so i can go polish it anythime now.
  3. seems that i don't have much of a spark, tried new plug , same as before, looking into the coil next, thanks
  4. thanks for the tips, buzy weekend for me then !!
  5. hi i see you are using the centre plug for ht lead, is that correct as mine is set up with ht lead on the side plug ?? tia
  6. i have a 247 montesa, complete rebuild i have good spark clean carb and plenty of compression, wont start !!!
  7. can anyone help me to find the bike history by using the engine number please. tia
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