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  1. Hello All – Hoping to sort a rich running 1961 Triumph Tiger Cub Trials bike fitted with a large valve head (E4102) and Amal 622/300 MK1 concentric carb. The main jet is a 140. Does anyone run a similar setup? What jets are you using? Thanks in advance. Moray
  2. Hi All - I’ve recently purchased a Triumph Tiger Cub. It rides great and starts first time. Ticks over and accelerates well but its running rich and appears to be burning oil. Please you recommend anyone that will check the bike for me? I’m keen to get it sorted. It’s a keeper. Based in NW England. Thanks in advance. Moray
  3. Hello All - My AMAL carb body is beyond repair. I’m looking for alternative new low cost carb options please.
  4. Thank you. Anymore information please? Not sure I understand. I’ve had enduro bikes in the past with decompression levers that lift the exhaust valve. How does the second plug work?
  5. Hello All - Newbie question....Can anyone confirm why (1) there are two plus in the swingarm and (2) there are two spark plugs in the engine? I am thinking (1) chain lube but I think there might be a nozzle in the bottom missing. Still can’t figure out why there are two plugs. (2) spare plug? Best wishes Moray
  6. I’m guessing you also only have the 8 digit matching frame and engine numbers.
  7. I think the main challenge is finding the chassis number. The frame and engine number is only 8 digits. I’m guessing when imported if it has been registered it will have been allocated a unique VIN. I don’t have this ?
  8. Hello All - Can anyone recommend some twinshock dead easy trials events in the North England (Ideally around the Peak District)? Thank you Moray
  9. Hello All - New to the forum. Getting back into trials after a long break. Just about to start a full rebuild of a 1976 Montesa Cota 246 with my 11 year daughter in the hope of dragging her off social media for at least an hour a night! Ideally I would like to road register the bike in the UK. The frame and engine numbers match. I am familiar with how to obtain a v5. Its the Montesa bit that concerns me. I am guessing obtaining paperwork for a 1970s bike will be a challenge. Any guidance would be appreciated. Best wishes Moray
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