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  1. Section swept much appreciated for your message. Im very keen to purchase the 88/89 model with f+ r disks but the honest truth is im not clued up enough on them and would be relying on the seller to be genuine and upfront about the bike ( with £5/6000 potentially changing hands im not in a comfortable position) so many variants of the 250 engine by Honda on the outside and internally i have been told, plus many have been altered to suit that particular owner to which the riding position may not be suitable for me, as well as dozens of other things that i am probably not aware of. Is there any 2 strokes in this type of money bracket to invest in, the bike will be used extremely sparingly. Come on guys give me your ideas about what you would like to purchase for a future investment. Many thanks to any responses ???
  2. Good morning gents, I think both of you are right (mrturtle and turbofurball) Sandifords are on the industrial estate just off Rossendale road approx 6/7 miles from me ,unfortunately I'm pretty sure they don't supply the old montesa parts anymore. I remember in years gone by going to the shop at the bottom of Walmsley road in Bury ,as a young lad who was trials bike mad it was like "going to heaven" to see all the montesas and other bikes too, no problem at all for any part you needed along with great staff to help you. Good days and fond memories of my youth.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys it seems to be in motion is the place that I'm looking for going off what I've read.Thank you for the replies much appreciated.
  4. Good morning everyone from Rossendale Lancashire. Decided to sign up to the site rather than just a guest browser, well I will get straight to the point. I would like to have my 1983 coat 349 (y reg) be treated to a full engine overhaul, no major dramas at the moment but I think the mains are just starting to become a touch noisy. Where can I purchase these along with the related seals,gaskets and other bearings etc preferably all from one supplier. Part two now! I would like to invest in a RTL 250 twin disc model, but don't have a great deal of knowledge of them .There's a couple on that other site for £5500 ish ,is that a fair reflection? Any replies much appreciated .Thanks.
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