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  1. Im about to rebuild my wheels with new tyres and was wondering what people do when they run tubes. I have Michelins on ally rims but not tubeless so not sure if I should run rimlocks or not.
  2. fordigas

    4t Yamaha 200 build.

    This is a modified Yamaha 200 farm bike. Its had many small mods so far to get to a good starting point. Im pretty happy so far. Obviously its going to suffer from a touch too much wieght but I have managed to shave off lots already and I wont be looking to hop it around at all. Itll be a contrast to bikes ive had previously so looking forward to getting it done. Update#1 So the latest work ive done is fabricate the subframe, although its not completed yet as I need to route the exhaust on the right and then fabricate the last subframe rail to suit. Ive also made a start on the rear brake pedal and pivot. The pedal needs to be finished off for correct position and length and the brake plate stay mount has to be moved slightly on the swingarm.
  3. Im in NZ and im finding it difficult to find an IRC dealer. Im in the motorcycle trade and I have got a supplier of Michelin and also Shinko. Does anyone have any experience with the Shinko brand as they are considerably cheaper the Michelin?
  4. Im planning to get some new tyres for a project. Does anyone have recommendations on what to use with tubes? Michelin or IRC?
  5. I saw a small interview with steve saunders who is the TRS UK importer, he said the TRS R is specifically for the uk market with a softer engine compared to the RR model which everyone seems to go for.
  6. When you guys say slow suspension do you mean the rebound is slow so harder to hop? Excellent info so far by the way, many thanks.
  7. Not too familiar with any of the 4t montesa's and im just getting back into trials. I had an 03 315 new and loved it and also appreciated the build and reliability of the honda side of it especially compared to my REV 3 I had after. I have an opportunity of buying a VERY tidy 2005 4rt and was wondering if anyone had info on what they are like especially as this is one of the first ones. Did they have any quirks which have since been ironed out? I know its now an old bike but this particular bike is at my price range but like new so makes it quite desirable. Spending the same money on a much newer bike would only give me something very "ridden". I dont think id really notice the advancement so dont need the latest bike out there.
  8. Did a search for Gonelli mudguards without much luck unfortunately, thanks for the info though.
  9. Ive tried to google Kapiti MCs but cant seem to get any result, would you have a link to their website or maybe a number?
  10. Quick question, are OSSA still trading? Havnt seen anything on recent videos on youtube from anyone. Obviously there are no OSSA riders in X Trials but also dont see any at amature level videos either.
  11. Hello all. Im in need of some advise of where I can buy plastics for a project I have here in New Zealand. They need to be universal fit plastic mudguards which would suite an 80's bike, TY etc. Ive found a couple of places further afield but would like to know if there are more local places which will have a more desirable delivery charge. Thanks in advance.
  12. Just introducing myself. Previously from Bristol, UK but now living in Taupo, NZ. Been here for 8 yrs now and ive played about with VMX but now getting back into trials. Since having 2 kids funds are small so instead of a brand new Cota 315 I had in 2003 im currently modifying a 200cc 4t yamaha farm bike. Im sure itll be a bit of fun when its done and maybe ill enjoy it so much I might buy a real bike.
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