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  1. fordigas

    4t Yamaha 200 build.

    I was thinking it might be under powered as the other trials bikes I've ridden have all been around the 250 2t size. Its over weight but actually very nice to ride, I find myself shutting off half way up hills as the flywheel just ticks it over without spinning up. Ive got plans for it in the future which will include a possible increase to about 220cc. Got to fit a different rear hub which I have so I can get rid of the cushdrive currently on it which is a real pain due to the lag in drive. Suspension still needs work, part of which is a modded rear shock with rebound damper rather than the bog standard non tunable unit it has now. Plenty to do but at least its rideable.
  2. fordigas


    Modded the forks to shorten travel and also moved the rear shock mount to jack up the back and steepen the steering.
  3. fordigas


    First outing has been and gone and it was quite capable albeit a bit heavy. Just been playing on it since on my property gradually ironing out issues.
  4. fordigas

    4t Yamaha 200 build.

    This is a modified Yamaha 200. Its had many small mods so far to get to a good starting point. Im pretty happy so far. Obviously its going to suffer from a touch too much wieght but I have managed to shave off lots already and I wont be looking to hop it around at all. Itll be a contrast to bikes ive had previously so looking forward to getting it done. Update#1 So the latest work ive done is fabricate the subframe, although its not completed yet as I need to route the exhaust on the right and then fabricate the last subframe rail to suit. Ive also made a start on the rear brake pedal and pivot. The pedal needs to be finished off for correct position and length and the brake plate stay mount has to be moved slightly on the swingarm. Update#2 Ive been a bit slack in posting updates of this build as ive just been busy building it! So ill just jump straight to where I am now with it at its "almost finished" stage. A huge difference from the previous pictures of the very early stages of the build, lots of mods and fabrication to the running chassis and also to the fibreglass tank/seat unit. Still have lots to do to finish it off and then itll be a constant project to continue its development into a ore capable bike. I have competed on it already and so far its very good.
  5. I have since removed the charger and turned the key upon which the relay is clicking but I am getting no battery level indication on the twistgrip.
  6. I have the batteries connected as we speak and the charger light is staying green.
  7. I have a Spider 16 which hasnt been used for a long time. Im trying to charge the batteries just to see if the bike actually works as its new to me. I know im gonna have to get new batteries anyway. The charger when connected to the mains just show a green light, the online manual suggests it should be red then green when batteries are charged, this one is green without being connected to any batteries. Any ideas?
  8. This is something ive been working on and is almost finished now. Just a few jobs to finalise to make it complete and lots of ride time to hone it into something hopefully competitive. Wanted to build a Yamaha with this rear suspension just like Mick Andrews factory OW10. Ive built another one which is slightly different in areas with help from a friend who's helped me design and build the fibreglass tank/bodywork along with the paintwork. A nice feeling knowing that there are only 2 in the world like this and we built them both.
  9. Im about to rebuild my wheels with new tyres and was wondering what people do when they run tubes. I have Michelins on ally rims but not tubeless so not sure if I should run rimlocks or not.
  10. Im in NZ and im finding it difficult to find an IRC dealer. Im in the motorcycle trade and I have got a supplier of Michelin and also Shinko. Does anyone have any experience with the Shinko brand as they are considerably cheaper the Michelin?
  11. Im planning to get some new tyres for a project. Does anyone have recommendations on what to use with tubes? Michelin or IRC?
  12. I saw a small interview with steve saunders who is the TRS UK importer, he said the TRS R is specifically for the uk market with a softer engine compared to the RR model which everyone seems to go for.
  13. When you guys say slow suspension do you mean the rebound is slow so harder to hop? Excellent info so far by the way, many thanks.
  14. Not too familiar with any of the 4t montesa's and im just getting back into trials. I had an 03 315 new and loved it and also appreciated the build and reliability of the honda side of it especially compared to my REV 3 I had after. I have an opportunity of buying a VERY tidy 2005 4rt and was wondering if anyone had info on what they are like especially as this is one of the first ones. Did they have any quirks which have since been ironed out? I know its now an old bike but this particular bike is at my price range but like new so makes it quite desirable. Spending the same money on a much newer bike would only give me something very "ridden". I dont think id really notice the advancement so dont need the latest bike out there.
  15. Did a search for Gonelli mudguards without much luck unfortunately, thanks for the info though.
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