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  1. Hi Ya Andy, good to hear from you mate I have not seen Gordon for donkeys year now, not sure what he's up to......... I went to my first ever trial with him years back (Stourbridge trail at Hartelbury) . Decent chap if a little set in his ways .......you riding South shrophire in a couple of weeks?
  2. Nice tip with the heat gun Jon I have a handy roll of old brown parcel tape to keep the new seals from getting damaged
  3. Christ ! OTF.....should it read GOM.....Grumpy Old Man by the sounds of that lot!...note to self, not to ride any 'classic' trials in Derbyshire area
  4. Scorpa kinda went this way with the TYS125, I liked the idea and bought one.......I know its was no twinshocker but what I liked was the simple aircooled four stroke engine. When I had mine I never saw another one in local trials at all, it should have sold by the boat load......people must like spending nearly 6k on a bike that they cannot ride to it's potential. I've always said the should have never stopped making the TY mono(again no twinshocker but in the same vain).
  5. As Woody says, impact wrench is the way forward...I use an air one but if you have no comp a cordless one is just as good. I take it your replacing the oil seal?.....if so leave stantion in yoke clamped up lift dust cover off lower leg, take out large circlip and undo lower leg bolt (with said gun) and pull leg off...it will take a couple of taps to get the seal out before the leg slides off. A bit of a tip for putting a new seal in, I found a nice lenght of 40mm plastic drainage pipe is just the job as a drift for the new seal
  6. The one on the second of jan fits my calender, I'll see what me mates up too.....sounds like a plan
  7. An old mate bought two brand new ones back in the day, modded the one to take two disc brakes (he was a clever chap).....I recall them being very solid bikes but, the engine seemed quite flat compared to my old TY mono I was riding at the time. I think both of his bikes were the 240cc versions?, lovely alloy frame if I recall though. I had chance to buy one of his old bikes about three years ago but turned it down, it was going for a song too.......I dare say I'll regret not buying it!!.
  8. Just putting mine on, it's been sat on the shelf for yonks!.....the external brake arm is a fair bit longer the the internal STD one so i'm guessing it'll give a better brake....I'll let you know how it goes on my next trial in a few weeks time
  9. Sounds fun !! what club runs that then Malcra?......from your report there were modern bikes there too and not just an event for T/Shock bikes?. Me and my mate both run TY monos and neither off us have been down that neck of the woods before, we'd both like to ride some more of the classic type trials but with out the twinshock vs mono crap that seems to come with certian classic events.
  10. marky g

    TY 250 1985

    Parts are no problem, sure some parts are getting a bit hard to find.....I think genuine 0.25 piston kits are no longer available but you can get hold of pattern stuff. Some dude on ebay has made the Z pattern spokes that the OEM wheels take, I got some to fit my front wheel...nice quality items. I guess that 95% of parts you can still get off Yamaha (at 2010 prices I might add!)....loads of bike spares out there, flea bay is pretty good for that..........great bikes with no real vices.
  11. Had one a few years ago, made the mistake of buying it and stripping it down without riding it first. Tried it on a few classic rounds and found out it didn't have the power i wanted and it kinda put me off the whole twinshock thing at the time. I do like the look of them but I think they might be fine for the lighter riders out there.
  12. marky g

    TY 250 1985

    I've had about 6 TY monos over the years, two brand new ones.....great bikes for clubman use. Very soft power delivery, bullet proof engines, the last pinkys are probably the best ones to go for....factory fitted front disc brake. There's not a great deal of difference between all the models, you could argue the latter ones seemed to have a better power delivery and as said before the disc brake is a welcome addition. Mines and old 1985 59N with a later rear shock fitted, 270 big bore kit, Talon tubeless rear wheel, YZ front brake plate etc etc. Really nice bikes to ride, very soft suspension (too soft if your pushing it too hard)...they do seem to be going the same way as twinshocks have gone regarding prices but there still does seem to be some good machines left out there for under a grand.
  13. I know there not normally taken apart but has anybody had there rear shock rebuilt by any one of the suspension companys that the mx boys use?. I'm sure there is a company near Wolverhampton that does work on Road bike and mx shocks........anybody been down this road?
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