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  1. I see many original stock machines in this part of the world that would sell for a lot more in the UK. In this weeks local Craigslist http://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/mcy/3030285283.html
  2. "Gas and Gas Ossa inician its merger to create the Catalan giant's trial" I thought 99.9% of the worlds population were oblivious to what a trials bike is, but Spain leading the world in the financial market it makes sense the manufacturers have a whip round and throw in a few parts each. My guess would be job's f****d and there are more builders of bikes than riders.
  3. I don't think anyone is trying to hobble the top riders, and see the changes being made are an effort to allow more riders to compete when numbers are falling. My take on this, going back to a format that is probably more popular with the over forty's riders that rode that style when it was the way everyone competed. The younger generations who grew up riding stop and hop are obviously going to feel the same about what they grew up doing. I think the change's back and forth over the past decade are not the cure to the problem and seem neither side will give one way or the other a chance, been there done that, didn't work then won't now. From what I can gather the latest changes are an effort to allow more riders to take part by easing the sections while still taking points of the best riders with a stricter way of scoring, which seems to work for some but not other's. So why not apply both systems. If a five for a stop is deemed too harsh, then change it to one for each dab taken, one for a back up, one for a hop, ease the sections and allow each ride 1,2,3,4, 5th your done attempt at each section. Only way to clean a section is by a feet up no stop ride, trick riding is allowed but costs a dab / infraction, both the rider and observer may be more inclined to give and except a penalty point over a failure for the same mistake under the current format. I don't know if it would work or not, but do know the many times the rules have changed back and forth haven't seemed to done any good.
  4. In the PC times we live in, shouldn't they also include a clubgay class?, or at least clubcivilunion.
  5. He's missing one small legal item
  6. Hate to say it, but we also got lost at Glasgow on the way up one year, well not lost because we knew we were in Glasgow, first time I have ever hear'd tom tom say "sod it I quit"
  7. You put the old way in red and the new in green, could you put the Kinell way in yellow? Well!! some bugger had to say it
  8. ishy

    Cool Video

  9. You need to see the bugger with my glasses, I'll have to stop buying them from the second hand store.
  10. After the stop no stop debate thought it might be a good topic to revive again, I still think no matter what bike you ride the style of the event is what draws the punter.
  11. " can you polish sheep **** off your Sunday suit ?"
  12. I'm not 100% convinced, if I mail you a three coil will you polish it ?
  13. ishy

    Jotagas - ?

    Aye if that Bou fella got on a reet bike no bugger would bother to turn up, Eeeee tha does come up with some ****e Cope
  14. I have seen Mr Bou with very low scores and the rest of the entry looked to have been riding a different event many times harder.
  15. It's all about what the observer sees from the position they are standing, not what the spectator or rider sees from another vantage point, or video watched many times hours later at home. Also think about trying to watch the top riders through the section with other riders distracting you kicking stones and asking why they got this or that score. Maybe at top level they shouldn't have observers just camera men to film every section, then all the riders meet at the end of the day and score each ride off the film.
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