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  1. Bring back Hawkstone Park........
  2. jam

    Premix Oil

    Been using Motul 510 at 50:1 for 10 years with no problems on our Gassers, using the same on my TRS 300 One - runs great........
  3. The guys were ex GG now _ _ _ and he said its better for the engine plus it lubricates
  4. Went to one of the top Spanish factories in May and was surprised to hear the engine builders say always use mineral oil based oils not full synthetic. Motul 510 at 50:1 works great and Motul Transoil in the box, but its a personal choice at the end of the day.
  5. I've just had a 2019 TRS 300 one - very impressed indeed. Always had 300 Gassers but fancied a change, at my age big steps are a no no .......... Dellorto carb fitted as standard all set ready to go, just a slow action throttle as a personnel choice. As I ride a few road trials I opted to upgrade the water pump (CSP) Motul 510 at 50:1 It works for me and trust me there is plenty left in the tank for those big rock steps if you want.................. happy days
  6. After visiting Comprodon the other weekend to watch the Trial GP, Jamie Busto was very impressive and full of fire on the GasGas. He is the man to watch this year and I'm sure he will give Mr Bou something to think about.
  7. This weekends Club Trial has been cancelled due to a waterlogged parking area, we apologise for the inconvenience.
  8. Regs are now available on the club web page www.southshropshiremcc.co.uk.
  9. Pro - Anything from 2009
  10. Start numbers - anyone noticed the pattern of the top finishers ?
  11. They are bullet proof, keep the carb clean especially after jet washing, just drop the bowl. They have an air scew 3 1/2 turns out and run with a tick over. 450ml in the gearbox - change every 12 rides and keep the air cleaner clean........... Enjoy, no doubt you will
  12. After riding trials for over 35 years, also having a few years off with family commitments - The Long Mynd 2 Day Trial has to be the best trial I've ridden in the UK. (entries were full within 24 hrs of release) say no more. South Shropshire MCC do a fantastic job in every aspect, a fabulous team effort. The land and route used are 2nd to none - to be fair the team are planning months ahead. Report and pictures sent to the Media and guess what, no pictures published, just a small section published even though the editor was contacted. Why do others get a full page of pictures on a club trial ? This is not the first time this has happened and it totally brasses me off Lets see what happens in January with the Vic Brittain
  13. On behalf of ALL the SSMCC crew, I would the thank everyone for their support regarding the Vic Brittain Trophy Trial - entries full on the 5th day !!!!!! an overwhelming response. The observers, without these guys NO trial would be possible and all the marshals on the day. Special thanks goes to Mark Wells, Micky Wilding, Gordon Lawley, Ian Spence, Steve Fox, John Wells and any one else who helped set out the sections. Roll on the Long Mynd 2 Day in August - regs TBA JT
  14. Hope our UK TRS riders have their bikes.............................?
  15. Your in if not notified. Any entries received from now will not be.
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