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  1. rotors7

    07 txt pro

    I've drowned several Montesas over the years, the first one I pushed home and the next day emptied out what water was left in the crank case. A new set of big end bearings swiftly followed my costly mistake. Since then I've always had the bike immediately upside down, spark plug out and turned it over for several minutes, then a quick strip of the float bowl. You must've been in pretty deep to affect the upper electrics, hence my story. In theory the breather pipe should be the only way into the casing if that's the source of your troubles.
  2. rotors7

    349 rebuild take 3

    If your new handlebars are the of the fat variety then you will most likely need a set of adapter mounts.
  3. I bought mine new, way back when, and it looked awesome, yours is heading that way The front forks on mine were red with black hubs and gold rims. The foot pegs were horrendous and made of butter. Oem was definitely not best !
  4. 38mm forks, if the right length will fit your yolks. Your next issue is to make sure you get the spindle for those forks. If the spindle is too big or too small in diameter for your wheel, there will be a pair of bearings to fit. My Montesa 315r has a Jotagas wheel, different bearings and 40mm Marzochhi forks and spindle from a Gas gas with different headstock bearings. It's all possible
  5. Dunlop trials wellies were great until you had a dab in the boggy bit, I lost count of how many times I finished a section with only one boot.
  6. Great write up, had a 323 many years ago and loved the air shock. Didn't care for the fiddly inboard rear wheel adjusters though, so converted them to 'normal'. Hope your first outing goes well, sidecars are just bonkers !
  7. I managed to get the later rear brake caliper onto my '99 315. It's a while ago now but I think I only had to file a bit off the built in axle spacer. A few careful measurements did the trick.
  8. When you get some info, might I suggest you try D Faulkner springs for a bespoke poundage, they're sure to be cheaper than a generic heavy duty one off the dealer's shelf... Or just copy one.
  9. As previously said, be firm and positive or you may find your knee cap embedded in the renthals. I have the much unwanted t shirt, several times !
  10. rotors7


    Very nice indeed.
  11. rotors7

    Mecatecno 326

    Sold on and then restored 20 odd years later by Mark Kremin, see the bike further down the page.
  12. rotors7

    Montesa 349

    Yes it is. And don't forget to take care with the positioning of the kickstart lever, if I remember rightly a 1oclock position, at rest, will save your crankcase from being internally holed. Once done you'll not make the same mistake again, no matter how practical it may seem !
  13. Many years ago there was a chap who used the very plush Fournales air shock to convert a Bultaco or two. No linkage, which was the same as the JCM bikes.
  14. rotors7

    Air box plastics

    It's a bit late now but I've always drilled a hole 2/3 mm, or bigger depending on the crack, at the end of a split in plastics, be it mudguards or polycarbonate windows. It's usually stopped the progressing split dead in it's tracks.
  15. I've chucked a set of 2nd hand 40mm alloy marzocchi forks and yolk on mine. I'd found the same issue as you. They're much lighter as an added bonus.
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