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  1. Many years ago there was a chap who used the very plush Fournales air shock to convert a Bultaco or two. No linkage, which was the same as the JCM bikes.
  2. rotors7

    Air box plastics

    It's a bit late now but I've always drilled a hole 2/3 mm, or bigger depending on the crack, at the end of a split in plastics, be it mudguards or polycarbonate windows. It's usually stopped the progressing split dead in it's tracks.
  3. I've chucked a set of 2nd hand 40mm alloy marzocchi forks and yolk on mine. I'd found the same issue as you. They're much lighter as an added bonus.
  4. It does sound like the key's sheared. An easy investigation and fix if it is.
  5. I'm not being funny but if you're going to 'reject' it then I wouldn't be pulling the engine covers off. Any business would say you've been messing with it ?
  6. rotors7

    Beta 4t carbu

    Surely this boils down to the float valve and seating. I can't remember if a neoprene seated valve would be available ?
  7. I remember having a John Shirt 270 conversion / rebore. For me, it was a major improvement in the engine department, a bit more torque and still a nice smooth power delivery. Just a thought if it's still available nowadays.
  8. rotors7

    Cota 248 wheels

    What about mounting the hubs then use a plumb line from the centre of the rear frame, a bit of careful measuring should give you the required numbers.
  9. Perhaps the silencers are that clogged up with oil ?
  10. Are the front caliper mounting bolts too small in diameter, either to the fork leg or a bracket if fitted ? If, as you say, it's the caliper itself that's moving then it must be the wrong bolts. Could it be worn disc to hub mounts you're feeling ?
  11. rotors7

    2x2 SWM TL320

    I can remember an article on it at the time in the Tmx ! I actually kept it with a ton of other stuff and sold it all to a fellow spotter
  12. rotors7


    I'm fairly sure that this is a clip that holds an injector, return to tank, pipe/tube on. I've been doing work on vehicle injectors and it's almost identical.
  13. How's the Fournales shock holding out ? I rode a 323 for a year or two and the suspension was very plush. The engine's got a fair bit of grunt too.
  14. Now this is totally far fetched... ? I can almost imagine a group of 'professional' independent observers who follow the championship around, flights and accommodation paid for. Every one of them keen and eager to score a rider as the rules state without bending to any verbal pressure. Stop or reverse with a foot down then it's a 5, no questions. Record it if bloody necessary with any disputes allowed only at the end of the event. There is no doubt that so many sections are ridden by the top riders who get away with static, dodgy dabs, the indoor events are a prime example, if the 'greats' are resorting to doing that, then in my humble opinion the sections are already way too difficult. Too steep, too high ? If there's no minder to catch you and reassure you then section severity could change....? Ho hum.
  15. rotors7

    Xispa 250

    As they seem to be quite rare I thought I'd revive this with a sighting of another one for sale on eBay. Item number 133052207044 It looks quite tidy too ! "Xispa 250cc, 2009, almost unused, mint condition, no known faults, tuned by “Al the spanner” for soft power, Paoli suspension, very light, ready to go, owner 78" Who is Al the spanner ?!
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