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  1. Oops! Bought another bike ...

    Bit of a late one but the hole in the flywheel housing will most definitely have been caused by the cam on the kick start shaft. If you place the kick start, on the spline, too far forward that's the end result
  2. Montesa 349 what year???

    I bought a brand new 349 as above in August 1980, it's frame number was 51M16853 and then bought a new 'white wonder' ! 349 in August of 1982, it's frame number was 51M24013. So perhaps you're looking at one of the last of these from around 1981 ?
  3. i gave my brother a go on my bultaco

    I second that, quite a tame crash for someone who's not been on a trials bike before ! The first chap I let loose on my bike, a 247 Montesa, careered into a military chacon and knocked himself out ! I was straight there..... checking my pride and joy over, no damage, just the stanchions twisted. Happy days
  4. Dave Cooper Bike Rack with Bak-Rak adapter

    I'm not sure if you've a detachable swan neck on your car, but if so, Witter do swan necks with the twin holed plate and no ball.
  5. Trial tyres

    I might be off the mark here but I remember a TMX article, from years ago, about Martin Lampkin who was going for an SSDT win and had a rear puncture. Of course then the rears had tubes. The news story said that Lampkin had the wheel off and back on with a new tube in 10 minutes flat, ffs, **** it usually took me at least 3/4's of an hour in my garage ! It's not an answer to the op's question but even a tubeless tyre will take a tube ............ when on the moor !!!!
  6. TR34 Electrics

    I know your bike's been around for many years now and I'm sure it would've reared it's ugly head a long time ago but I had one from new and the flywheel cover wouldn't fit flush with the casing because the brass inserts weren't set in properly. It was a pig due to water getting in. It gave me the runaround until I sussed it out !
  7. First Aid at Trials

    There were plenty of them at the trial I rode and I bet at least one has read this thread !
  8. First Aid at Trials

    I rode a trial in Cumberland many years ago, a chap attempted a section and came off his bike. His foot peg went through his waterproofs and trials jeans and opened up his knee cap, I could see a lot of bone. He knew everyone there but not one of them stopped to help or were willing to go and fetch help and I wasn't even a local. I managed to strap it up enough so he could get off the hills, how he made it back to the car park I don't know, he had some grit. That was the end of my day unfortunately I'm sure I was winning too........not ! This was before mobiles were common place, I dare say he was a candidate for an air ambulance nowadays.
  9. 315 fork clams / yokes

    I'm sure I read that later 315 models had their rake steepened. I might be wrong of course !
  10. 99 Beta Techno Paioli 38mm fork r/hand side.

    Bought a 315r with Paoli forks, it too had a welded fork at the bottom but was okay and hadn't failed after a fair bit of average abuse. It might be worth a shot if you get a pro to do the welding and they'd give you a good opinion.
  11. I wonder...

    If I've read it correctly it states a minimum of two riders from each class per single event
  12. Stolen 2004 Scorpa SY-250 from North Bristol

    Bloody scumsuckers, I hate them with a vengeance.
  13. Best small van on a budget

    I'd like to give a balanced argument for an economical van that will fit your needs... Back in my youth I bought one of these, a Honda Acty van, it could easily fit one bike, I dare say two at a push and it had 550cc of pure usable power. It was very very economical as you can imagine especially on the flat but when it came to the Cornish hills it did struggle a bit. A point noting if you're somewhere hilly. It was rather cosy in the front, certainly not your modern luxurious type of set up but more than adequate and probably kept the insurance down, nice ! You could work on the bike in the back too, although I suffer a bit now with a really bad back. It's worthwile bearing this in mind if you do go down the small van route. It had a sliding door too Having an Euro Ncap score of -9 is a good ice breaker in the venue car park, you can get those stickers "one life live it" they'll back the accident stats up. It's venue performance wasn't great to be honest, I would usually need a push out of a muddy field, a 4 speaker bespoke cassette system will help you to be oblivious to the pusher's woes. I'm not sure if these are still available but if they are they've definitely got to be on your want to look at list !
  14. Green Cota

    There was a thread ages ago on whether folk buy a trials bike based on it's colour... Well if that had been in the bike shop in '78 I would've jumped at it, it just looks the part
  15. Montesa 315R Clutch Problems

    In the past I've fired mine up in first gear, as it's warming up I've kept pulling the clutch in and using the brakes at the same time, it always did the trick. I presume you've got some good dimpled clutch plates in there with some atf oil or whatever's used these days ?