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  1. How's the Fournales shock holding out ? I rode a 323 for a year or two and the suspension was very plush. The engine's got a fair bit of grunt too.
  2. Now this is totally far fetched... 😅 I can almost imagine a group of 'professional' independent observers who follow the championship around, flights and accommodation paid for. Every one of them keen and eager to score a rider as the rules state without bending to any verbal pressure. Stop or reverse with a foot down then it's a 5, no questions. Record it if bloody necessary with any disputes allowed only at the end of the event. There is no doubt that so many sections are ridden by the top riders who get away with static, dodgy dabs, the indoor events are a prime example, if the 'greats' are resorting to doing that, then in my humble opinion the sections are already way too difficult. Too steep, too high ? If there's no minder to catch you and reassure you then section severity could change....? Ho hum.
  3. rotors7

    Xispa 250

    As they seem to be quite rare I thought I'd revive this with a sighting of another one for sale on eBay. Item number 133052207044 It looks quite tidy too ! "Xispa 250cc, 2009, almost unused, mint condition, no known faults, tuned by “Al the spanner” for soft power, Paoli suspension, very light, ready to go, owner 78" Who is Al the spanner ?!
  4. I had a Shirt 270cc conversion done to mine, it transformed what was already a nice motor. Can you still get that done ?
  5. Well as you're in the same apple county as myself, I would say BVM. I believe they still do a yearly test where you book slots on the models you want to try.
  6. I seem to remember Felix Krahnstöver was Ktm's rider many moons ago ! Having the last model Rc8r I would guess that they'd make a bloody good bike if they gave it another shot.
  7. Going electric ?!!! Maybe not... but if so the Mecatecno Dragonfly is way below the 60kg mark I believe.
  8. Bit of a late one but the hole in the flywheel housing will most definitely have been caused by the cam on the kick start shaft. If you place the kick start, on the spline, too far forward that's the end result
  9. I bought a brand new 349 as above in August 1980, it's frame number was 51M16853 and then bought a new 'white wonder' ! 349 in August of 1982, it's frame number was 51M24013. So perhaps you're looking at one of the last of these from around 1981 ?
  10. I second that, quite a tame crash for someone who's not been on a trials bike before ! The first chap I let loose on my bike, a 247 Montesa, careered into a military chacon and knocked himself out ! I was straight there..... checking my pride and joy over, no damage, just the stanchions twisted. Happy days
  11. I'm not sure if you've a detachable swan neck on your car, but if so, Witter do swan necks with the twin holed plate and no ball.
  12. I might be off the mark here but I remember a TMX article, from years ago, about Martin Lampkin who was going for an SSDT win and had a rear puncture. Of course then the rears had tubes. The news story said that Lampkin had the wheel off and back on with a new tube in 10 minutes flat, ffs, **** it usually took me at least 3/4's of an hour in my garage ! It's not an answer to the op's question but even a tubeless tyre will take a tube ............ when on the moor !!!!
  13. I know your bike's been around for many years now and I'm sure it would've reared it's ugly head a long time ago but I had one from new and the flywheel cover wouldn't fit flush with the casing because the brass inserts weren't set in properly. It was a pig due to water getting in. It gave me the runaround until I sussed it out !
  14. There were plenty of them at the trial I rode and I bet at least one has read this thread !
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