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  1. I changed the stator in a 2009 Sherco 250. I have found the mark on the flywheel but not on the engine casing. I am using the timing guide here: http://www.lewisportusa.com/manuals/sherc_11-21-09/sherco_ignition_timing_supplement_03-04.pdfthe old stator had 7 coils and the new one has 4 coils. (Including the pick up point) the pick up point is also bigger on the new one if that affects anything.
  2. I have disconnected the kill switch and still nothing. Have gone through the test suggested above and the brown wire in the first test does not work
  3. I have and there was still no spark
  4. My bike has stopped starting so I checked fuel, carburettor, spark plug and so on. I have read up about it and it sounds as if it could be the stator or the starting coil. How would I check to see if they are faulty without replacing them?
  5. Thanks for that I have emptied the engine of water and its got a spark
  6. I was driving through a loch with my friend, I drove into a deep bit and the air box took some water in. I reached the other side and the bike died. When I kicked it, it started but it was struggling and if was given too much revs died. When I emptied the air box there was a lot of water. I have cleaned the carb and dried the spark plug as well (as it was wet). It will still not start does anyone have any ideas what is stopping it? Thanks Alexander MacLeod
  7. Thanks guys the zip tye worked and yeah I'm in the buie
  8. I bought a sherco side stand from splatshop and after a few rides my friends pointed out that it is creating a wear mark on my tyre. I was just wandering if there is any thing i could do about it? Thanks.
  9. Hi I had this problem as well for ordering a kick stand. To find the year you need to have the frame no. (located on the right hand side of your steering column) the 10th number is the year built. (For me it's 7, I have an 08 though.) For the cc you need the engine no. The engine number is located in front of your back suspension on the left hand side. There will be two letters before it then the cc. For me it's 250. Hope this helps :-)
  10. zander250

    Sherco Stores

    Hi, does anyone know if sherco has a UK store? I was looking at their trials clothing but I can't find any UK store.
  11. Thanks guys I got a few good ideas now
  12. Thanks, I have checked both sites and I was wandering if any british company makes anything like the outlaw trials stuff?
  13. Ok thanks but do any companies make a kind of belts that you clip on fuel canisters on to?
  14. Does anyone know if you can get somthing that can carry fuel easily off road and is not dangerous. Has any one heard of something called a fuel belt. Thanks
  15. I had a look around and i found a complete side stand for a sherco. The only problem is that it says I need three 20mm and one 12mm but i have only got 3 tapped holes. Here is the link to the side stand. www.splatshop.co.uk/sherco-side-stand-complete.html
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