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  1. beta729

    Reeth 3 Day

    That's abit of a bugger I enjoyed the roads in between groups of sections last year
  2. beta729

    Reeth 3 Day

    Does this mean the amount of roadwork which is involved with the trial has been lessened as well?
  3. beta729

    Reeth 3 Day

    Hi Just received my number through for this years trial and upon reading the information sent to me it says that each day the trial starts from the daily venues which are not the start field. Does this mean that on a morning we have to drive to the start field listed in our vans instead of setting off on bikes from the start field as we did last year? Cheers Beta729
  4. beta729

    The Scott 2012 - Bike Prep

    Is there any chance of it being cancelled if the bad weather continues?
  5. beta729

    Front Brake Will Not Bleed

    Hi Really struggling to bleed up my front brake after i swapped the brake pipe, tried to bleed up using a automatic bleeder and each time it sucks one of the pistons back in and we can not stop it from doing this Bleeding manually the brake would still not bleed up even with the pistons out in there correct position Any help on how I can bleed the brake up would be much appreciated Thanks a lot
  6. beta729

    Ilkley Grand National

    When is the entry list and start times ment to be published?
  7. beta729

    Yg Centre Restricted At Eldroth

    is this trial on the 28th or 27th because in TMX is says the 28th???????????????????
  8. beta729


    i am off on holiday tomorow and i hav persuaded my mum and dad to let me take my monty in the bottom of my suitcase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so i wont be completley away from trials for 2weeks!!!!!!!!!
  9. beta729


    Buy a BETA they are real reliable and have plenty of power
  10. beta729

    Beta 125 Racing Kit

    Hi i was just wondering what differences the racing kit tha you can buy for the Beta 125 actually makes?? and roughly how much is it?? thanks Tom
  11. beta729

    Broke A Bleeder

    I only have 1 word for you and that is UNLUCKY
  12. beta729

    Bradford Super Stars Trial!

    Hi, I have been riding normal club trials for a while now and finally decided to give a proper youth trial a bash! I have a few questions: 1.It says that machine examintion commences at 9:00am and if my start tim is at 11 does that still mean i have to be there at 9????????? 2.It says that during the inspection that tryres will be checked!! what does this mean????? will they not allow a turned tryes???? Thanks Tom
  13. beta729

    1999 Beta Techno

    sold my old "99 techno for
  14. beta729

    Ty250 Fork Rebuild

    file the rough edges off then you can buy chemical metal to fill the scratch. let it dry then file off the excess till it is smooth!!!! it works i have done it before!
  15. beta729

    Beta Rev3 125

    Has anybody occured any mechanical problems with a beta 2006 rev3 125?? thinking of getting a new bike and not sure what to get either beta or sherco!!Any help appreciated