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  1. Oh great. And I was just about to register another one of my bikes. When I did two last year it felt a bit like jumping through hoops but now it seems more like jumping from planet to planet. What paperwork do you need from HRMC? Any idea of the form number?
  2. What happened to Dibs? Heard that Ben Hemmingway had the same problem? Assuming it was mechanical?
  3. Thanks for the interest guys. Sadly I did not finish, I ran out of time by petrol stop three. So I think roughly half way? It was an amazing event organised by a amazing club. My ride didn't go entirely to plan, a few large crashes on the moors did not help matters. Simple fact is I could hold a good pace across the moors but struggled in the sections. I think I need to ride more on your rocks but I struggled to find grip and read the sections. I really struggled to get up the rock steps the most for some reason. I ended up dragging the bike through the sections rather than riding it, even go caught out a few time on the going. However I enjoyed every second of it and am still smiling about it. Fair play to the finishers and the boys who managed to do it in under 100 marks. Will I be back??? I don't know to be honest. For me to achieve my goal I will have to ride in yorkshire a lot more to get more practise. I may wait a couple of years and get a couple of Reeth three days under my belt first. May invest in a 2 stroke instead to make life easier. Saying that though I cant knock the bike ran flawlessly and have come out unscathed. I will probably let my muscles rest and euphoria to dissipate before I decide when I will attempt it again. Thanks for all the input guys!
  4. Bike is now all ready and so am I. Travelling up tomorrow during the day so hopefully no traffic. I am really looking forward to the challenge and hopefully me and the bike wont fall apart. What has the weather actually been like around Richmond this week? BBC weather says it will be dry on saturday but not 100% convinced. BTW does anybody have a postcode for the start field? Cheers
  5. Again thanks for the input guys. I rode today with my back pack with some tools in it and the weight never caused me any issues. So far I have figured out - 3x spanners, allen keys, spark plug spanner, adjustable wrench, pair of pliers, split link, zip ties, tyre levers and a spare front inner tube. I was also going to get some dog turds and the fitting tool. I am also going to get a hand bike pump, has anyone got any recommendations of one to get? obviously one suitable for use to inflate the tyre effectively. I know you can use air canisters but once they are used thats it. Anyways hows the course coming along Perce?
  6. Thanks for all the input guys. I have been busy prepping the bike. I have fiddled with the suspension and changed the weight of the oil. I have ridden the bike and it rides very well. I have got a new chain and sprockets, brake pads plus a few other bits. I have plumbed in the header tank and have not had any issues. Registration is now all complete and road legal so we are good and ready to go. I have a final shake down rides saturday and sunday just to iron out any issues. After i will put new tyres on as mine are very worn. I am considering doubling up the front inner tube to provide some better protection. Anybody see any issues in this? Also should I carry anything on me to repair the bike? I can fit a little bit in camelback but is a bumbag with a few tools worth it? Part of me feels that if anything goes wrong i will realistically be unable to fix it so there is no point carrying the extra weight? Arguable am I over complicating it and i should just leave the tools at and just ride and if it goes wrong let it go. After all by the bike i fix a puncture or another fault I would have lost to much time and momentum. Thanks in advance
  7. Thanks for the input and interest guys. I don't intend to go off hell for leather but rather pace myself and the bike. I just would rather have a decent crack at it rather than fixing a puncture every couple of sections. As you predicted Perce I am anticipating a mental break down soon after start. Any particular section I should in particular watch out for? Dabster: Shall we call labrooks and see what odds they give me on finishing??? There is more chance of a three legged horse wining the grand national but I love a challenge. I raced motocross, enduro and trails for many years but now my focus is primarily trials and time trials. The harder i is the more i enjoy an events. Surely I am not the only novice on here giving it ago?
  8. Thanks for that dadof 2. Rather silly on me to leave the info on the bike off the original post. Its a montesa 4RT and I am a B class rider. It seems that punctures are a very common problem from all the reports I have read so I may run the tires on the conservative side.
  9. Thanks for the input guys. I am assuming that in reality the moor crossing are not straight forward blasts so do not require a higher gearing? What are the recommended tyre pressures? Was thinking 5 in the back and 10 up front?
  10. Hey guys This year is my first attempt at riding the Scott Trial. I have been busy training and getting the bike ready but I am still unsure about what gearing I should run?? I am currently running 9 - 43 which is lovely in the sections and nice and easy to ride but I am not sure it will be suitable for such an open course. I am thinking going up to a 10t on the front? What do people recommend? Additionally any further informations for a scott virgin would be beneficial? BTW i am number 30 so if you see my struggling give me a kick up the ass so I can get on with it. Thanks in advance Scott
  11. scott_king

    Rear Hub

    My gut says try Talon engineering in yeovil. They specialise in aftermarket wheels so machining a hub should be easy for them. It may not be listed on their website but certainly worth a phone call.
  12. I was under the impression I had to send the MOT, insurance etc away. But going direct to DVLA Centre with it sounds a lot easier. At least then they can give me the tax and reg number their and then. As for the reg plate i am going for a sensible approach that should not attract to much attention.
  13. Thanks for all the input guys. Seems like a mixed bag of rules depending on the experience of the tester. I will give mine a ring just to clarify a few things. I have only seen one brand of Reg plate online. Are they any good for use in competition? Or does anyone else have a recommendation for a Reg Plate? At this years SSDT there were many various attempts at hanging a reg plate some better than others. Even some factory bikes had reg plates that I am sure legally were suspect. Great point and actually my next question. What companies offer insurance off of the frame number and a decent rate?
  14. Hey guys About to register my bikes for the first time. Sorted the majority of the paperwork out but now I need to get it daylight MOT. As its the first time I do not need to fit a plate as its registered on frame number. But what about the rest of the bike. Do I only really need the following: Trials Tyres with "E" marked on them rotating the correct way. A rear reflector And a horn that is continuous. Have I missed anything? Also what horn have people got and how have they mounted the reflector? Thanks in advance
  15. scott_king

    Front Brake

    Hey Guys I have been having a problem with my front brake recently. Basically it seems to stick on just enough to stop the wheel spinning freely. It seems to be one piston not fully returning. I order to resolve the problem I have stripped and cleaned the calliper and master cylinder. I have replaced the oil and a full service kit consisting of pistons and seals in the calliper. I have swapped the disc out with another used one. Both are not warped and still within montesa spec. The only modification with the system is a slim front brake pipe. I am losing patience with this so any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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