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  1. What's happened to the annual rumour mill? The 4rt has had 15 years in production, will 2020 bring us a set of shiny new decals or a radical new model?
  2. Never had one like that. Had one new in October 79 & I bought one a few years ago which was a fairly late bike. (Saw sense & flogged it into the Big John collect)
  3. Aftermarket stuff, no 348 to my knowledge came with anything other than the cast one piece items. No 348 had had anything other than tubes under the engine, so again aftermarket. I doubt too many of the early bikes have 100% original frames as they uses to snap in two, later frames were different to prevent this.
  4. They did evolve, so you can narrow things down a bit.
  5. Can you get spare bits for that?
  6. Becks went green early September but the moors are dry, apart from one mega deluge where I got soaked through in under 5 minutes I don't think I've got wet on my two days a week on the grouse. Rain for late in the week should make it nice & greasy on top, new front tyre essential.
  7. 4rt or a second hand dog, if I ever buy either again my wife has instructions to **** me round the head with a shovel.
  8. Some time ago we did a back to back test with 2x 290 sherco, one standard & one with boysen reeds. The bike with boysens had far too much go for our rocky & slippery beck sections.
  9. perce

    Goggles or not?

    I used safety glasses for road work in all the SSDT that I rode. Cheap & easy to replace if they get a bit scratched.
  10. He's getting old & his knees are shagged, was capable of top 50 when I rode round with him. We rode 3 consecutive years together & had a good laugh.
  11. drill the rim of the bolt + the bikes frame & use a lock wire.
  12. Does nobody have a favorite section or is it just the spelling of the groups that's stopping folk posting? My favorite was Coire Dubh, I liked it so much I called one of my dogs Dubh.
  13. Good job entries closed before the Ross noble show came out, all that sun on show & there would have been 1000
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