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  1. Hi, me again. So after lots of research and being lucky enough to ride a Montesa 4rt in the wet and and dry I have now narrowed myself down to 2 bikes that I am looking to purchase.I am look at either a 2018 Factory 250 Sherco or a 2018 TRS RR 250. I would really like to hear you thoughts and opinions on both as after reading loads of threads on this forum they both seem to get good reviews.
  2. So an update on the bike. I was lucky enough to have another ago on the Mont this weekend in the wet. Now the question is what is the knack on riding in the wet on a Mont? I found it has loads of power and torque but I just couldn't get grip where on my 12 year Beta 2t I would have flown up. Now i have to admit I was trying to ride it like a 2t and have read that you need to change your riding style on 4t but it has thrown a spanner in the works as now i don't know if I should get a Mont and take the time to get used to it or stick with a 2t. I would love to hear peoples opinions on both to try and help with my decision as i am now at a totally loss on which way to go. Thanks everyone.
  3. Hello everyone, Just thought I would share with you my current experience of a 4RT. I currently ride a 2006 Beta and am looking at treating myself later this year. Have been looking at a Factory Sherco or a Vertigo, then my cousin who currently rides a 2015 4Rt said "why don't you try mine?" So yesterday I rode a trial on it and my god what a bike. Completely threw me off my guard, lovely balanced bike gave me loads of confidence and such smooth power delivery. Don't get me wrong conditions were wonderful and I only rode the Novice, but rode every section in first gear and cannot get over how much torque it has and how smooth it was. Am currently still smiling about it now I was also lucky enough to have ago on a 2015 Sherco and I preferred the Montesa. Have excepted that I may need to knock 6 months out of competing to get used to the gearing but that is a price I am willing to pay for a lovely bike. I would say to anyone don't be like me and think OOO 4 stroke no thanks, have ago it could change you. And yes i know it is all down to personal preference if you want a 2 stroke or 4 stroke but I thought i would share with you my experience. Lets just say I will be purchasing one later this year, and i can't wait.
  4. Thanks for your input. The more I am reading up on these bikes the more I am being draw to the Vertigo. The only problem is I live in the south and there are no local dealers. The only thing putting me off is servicing the bike. I can do minor repairs but bigger jobs I usually get done where they know what they are doing. Are they very reliable? Oh the choices, never thought it would be so difficult picking my next machine. Think I need to find somewhere that allows test rides.
  5. Hello, I am looking at treating myself this year to a new bike, finally got the wife to agree that it is time for a new one . I currently ride a 2006 Beta REV 3 and can't decide what to go for next. I like the 2018 Factory Sherco and the Vertigo, but then there is also the TRS, GasGas and new Beta's. So many choices I just after peoples opinions on what they ride and what they think. I have just moved up to Intermediates. Thanks
  6. I started riding on a Yamaha TY80 when I was about 4 and rode until I was 14 and had to stop due to my parents taking on a bigger house and not being able to keep taking me to trials and funding my bikes. So I have spent the last 28 years with either no bikes at all or road bikes. I am now in my early forties, became a dad to a little boy last year and am looking to getting back into the great sport of trials as I would like my son to ride as soon as I can get him on a bike. I have been to a few trials to watch as I still have friends and family that ride and apart from there being more coloured flags than I remember I cant wait to get back into competing. I am currently a little stuck with what bike to get started again on and would like some views from you lovely people on here. The finances that I currently have I am looking at either a Beta REV3 250, Sherco 290 or a Montesa 315r. Would love to hear what people think of these bikes and the pros & cons for them all.
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