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  1. robido

    Evo Linkage Guard

    Gas gas one goes between sump guard and frame if that helps
  2. robido

    Lockdown spending

    Nice looking bikes. Have you got hfs setup in the forks if so how do you like them and which one. Cheers
  3. Try in motion. Bultaco uk
  4. robido

    Wheel building.

    Just stripped my front wheel down to respoke with stainless and measured my offset at 12.5mm from brake side so it could be 15mm is correct . Mines a 199a. Hope this helps
  5. Where did it all go wrong. What happens to proper trials
  6. Splat shop have kits for 1999 to 2013. Give Chris a ring
  7. robido

    Cub Clutch woes

    Plates will be ok they can run dry as do Pete's clutch. You won't regret buying one. Fit and forget I don't bother using a gasket as no oil to leak.
  8. robido

    Cub Clutch woes

    Pete Kirby 07886 745942. Nice chap very helpful. Not cheap but quality never is. I've had 3 from him work nice. Think they were about £450.
  9. robido

    Cub Clutch woes

    Get A Pete Kirby belt drive clutch no oil work brilliant. You won't regret it
  10. robido


    Ebay. Or you can buy direct from Rupert ratio site
  11. Terry weedy does a nice one. Look at his web site
  12. That sounds like a bargain at that price. Room for some upgrades like Whitton alloy hubs and still be a cheap bike
  13. Wrong engine for comerfords cub it should be points on side not dizzy engine
  14. robido

    Engine Paint

    I use rustoleum bbq paint. Stays on and looks good. Got it on Amazon
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