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  1. 🔵🔴Tales of a clubman- West Leeds boxing day trial 🔵🔴 6pm tonight on YouTube by hitting the link below and setting reminder, cracking trial, hope you all enjoy. Be great as always if you could like, comment and subscribe. Keep those feet up-or down https://youtu.be/HVzyLYmip3I
  2. Morning, i rode with the Barnsley club yesterday for the latest episode. Hope everyone has a great christmas. Tales of a clubman - TOAC - Barnsley Trials Club - Dovecliffe ep3 - YouTube
  3. Thanks very much, hope it came across as I hoped.
  4. New video of the vertigo 300 Nitro from a clubmans perspective. Hope you enjoy,
  5. Thanks, hopefully bump into you when you get out and trialing!
  6. The new episode is out later tonight, was a difficult trial to film out mainly because i forgot my bigger bag and had to use my bumbag type. Which with a camera bouncing around in there is a little difficult. Want to try and speak to more people at the next trial i do, if you see the camera head over for a chat! Tales Of a Clubman 'TOAC' Ep2 - Huddersfield Falcons Trials Club 21-11-21 - YouTube
  7. Hi Simon, that's great to hear that you enjoyed it. Huddersfield trial this weekend, wish me luck. 🤞
  8. Thanks Mark very kind words. Yes the trials scene is full of great characters, and do make interesting viewing. I am attending another trial this sunday so hoping to get it out early next week. Again, thanks for the kind words.
  9. Hi all! I have recently started to put a series together on Youtube aimed at clubman riders on my media page (br8 media). Trying to purely aim at clubman level riders (as myself) and talking to you the riders is something thats maybe missing at the moment from the web. I love the stuff the other media channels are doing on youtube and are a subscriber and viewer myself, but this will follow me around to different trials across the country talking about clubman "stuff" filmed on a high quality camera for everyone's ease of viewing. If you have any feedback or things you think should be covered then please yell! Here is the link anyway, hope you enjoy. 'Tales of a clubman' TOAC - Barnsley Trials Club- Hooten Lodge - YouTube
  10. I am looking forward to it, just want to give myself the best chance of getting as far as i can.
  11. Could i juts put a tow rope on you John? after years of watching you seem to know your way around lol On a serious note though, what is the general going/difficulty of sections? Iv rode a few years of extreme enduros so the pain iv felt in that should relate slightly....i hope.
  12. Hi appreciate this, i wasn't sure of section difficulty, i ride clubman course normally but never rode any national or higher end events. Im hoping because of my tall nature and being relatively strong i can push and pull it when i get stick if thats the case...until my arms cant take anymore.
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