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  1. What is the "this" in your first sentence? Hopefully not the requirement for troops, you can't seriously be arguing that name calling is a valid justification for insurrection? Each party always hounds the other. Each media source always has a bias and hounds the other side. These things are not new, they are just the sad truth of current democracies. In fairness I'm of the opinion that both started out harsher on Trump than they had been on others, but arguably they've played into his hands as his followers now have a deeper hatred of both.
  2. That's not even the craziest part of the post. A Trump voter who votes for "the one with the most morals" ???
  3. Very little, but how much control should 8.2% of the population have? I agree that the whipped system is a big part of the problem, safe seats where a party will win without doing anything for their area enable this. The SNP know they can ignore most peoples needs, just like Labour have done in the run down North East of England.
  4. 8.2% of the population. 9.1% of MPs. Plus devolved powers. Scotland seems to have fair representation to me. Of course fair representation doesn't equal needs being met but that's a different matter. As for vote not counting that applies to every UK safe seat.
  5. totty79

    Age of beta 300

    £1700. I'd say it's around £1200 for a rough one needing some work to £2000 for a spotless one with a pile of recent receipts.
  6. totty79

    BETA EVO 250 2016

    5L is 2 to 3 trials or practice sessions, and it'll easily keep over 3 months. Anything in the range of 70 to 80ml of Synthetic 2 stroke oil is fine, best to pick a number and stick to it. Either trials specific or something with a low burning point ideally not a "racing" oil or you may get spooge. Take a look at the clutch thread particularly the shim and gearbox oil recommendations, a dragging clutch can really hold back your learning.
  7. News networks all have a bias. However that tends to come through in what they choose to report. The made up stuff, the "theories", "alternative facts", and frankly outright lies mainly come from one side.
  8. Humans are pack animals with a tribal instinct. Believing what you want to hear and what you can relate to is also human nature. Belief is often a stronger influence than facts. Social media algorithms designed to keep people engaged amplify this behaviour.
  9. Dead people, non citizens and those ineligible should not be counted in the Presidential Election. Of course they shouldn't, but the evidence of this occurring on mass has not stood up to scrutiny. Without sound evidence it's a lost cause, and pursuing it without evidence only serves to further divide society.
  10. No way of knowing if the mc is worn out or not without opening it up and checking the bore. Pre 2017 has a poor outer seal so the mud getting in can accelerate wear. If replacing it fit the newer version.
  11. A self tapping screw will work. Case will be fine if it's had anti freeze in it, my 2012 has no corrosion. If it's only had water then it might have corroded through.
  12. No I probably wouldn't swap, at least not like for like. If I decided to buy a newer bike I wouldn't rule out a GG or Sherco, but another Beta maybe a factory model is just as likely. I've had the same 250 2012 Beta for 5 or 6 years. I've ridden many other mostly newer bikes that I've liked and that I would be really happy with, but nothing that stood out as enough of an upgrade to make me want to buy one.
  13. I've tried two of them and in my opinion a Gas Gas 300 with a low comp head has a really nice engine character. I ride a Beta 250 though and for ease of starting it takes some beating. With many other bikes there's a knack to it, but these don't seem to require any technique at all, any old kick will do it first or second time.
  14. totty79

    Bosi rear mudguard

    Just updating in case anyone later finds this on a search. Reducing the thickness of the last cm of the cut off mudguard by about half leaves the join still loose but it at least gives a fairly flat join when taped over. It would have been better if it slotted under the edge of the bosi part instead of sitting on a lip.
  15. totty79

    Bosi rear mudguard

    Does anyone know how to get a nice join between the cut off old mudguard and the bosi part? Or does everyone just duct tape over it as I've just done? I've got the cut aligning really well apart from a small missing piece from earlier damage, but the center point of the old part sticks up around 5 or 6 mm and the whole rear edge is lose and easily lifted should anything snag on it. It is nice and flexible though, it should cause less issues than a patched up mudguard, once damaged around the rear fixings every little knock seems to be a problem regardless of the technique used to patch them up.
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