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  1. Right enough. In my excitement to rush and post the photos I got the year wrong.
  2. Some photos of the bike at the 2012 2011 (oops, edit to change it to the correct year!) Pre-65 Scottish.
  3. The Pre-65 trial is run by a small team of volunteers. The results are announced at the presentation on the Saturday evening and only after that do they become public information. The volunteers have a lot of work to do clearing out the community centre where the presentation is held, and then they can think about getting some rest after rather a lot of hard work. I personally got my head down in the van last night just before midnight after being on the go since 6am. I got up at 4.30 am and have just driven 150 miles to get home. After kissing my wife and patting my dog the first thing I have done is post the results to the Facebook page. I would post a link but links to Facebook are not allowed on this forum. Typing Pre-65 Scottish in Facebook should find it. I would like to say I am terribly sorry that we have been unable to satisfy you in your demand for quick results. But I can't as I'm not. We do our best, and when I get up tomorrow at 5am to go to work at my real job, the one I get paid to do, It shall be safe in the knowledge that you can't please everyone.
  4. The problem with 531 is that it was not designed to take the heat of welding when it was developed (1930's I think). You can weld it, but the heat affected zone will be weaker than the metal was designed to be. That means that failure around the weld is a real possibility. I would have thought that only the tube sections would be 531, but I don't know for sure. I think it's unlikely that Reynolds would have used 531 alloy to make plates and square section for such a relatively small project. Even so, if you want to modify the frame, there's not much wrong with brazing IMHO!
  5. Put me down for a copy please.
  6. Fantastic images of the best* postwar, pre-Spanish invasion trials bikes. Would love to see more images of Hugh Viney if you have them. *best defined as more SSDT wins between '47 and '64 than any other manufacturer.
  7. Great pie charts. The one below shows the difference between modern times and 'the good old days' TM SSDT winners from 1947-1964 by manufacturer.
  8. The E&D are running a raffle to help celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Pre-65 and top prize is an entry to the trial! Here is your chance to be rider 181! Tickets for sale at Telford or via e-mail if you can't get to Telford. Details here https://www.facebook.com/Pre65Scottish
  9. Try this link http://www.ssdt.org/82-ssdt/news/221-ssdt-the-centenary-collectables I did see copies on ebay recently so worth setting up a search if you don't have any luck with the above link. It's a great film.
  10. If the figures are correct (and I'm sure they are) then there is a massive disparity between the costs involved between the three governing bodies. Why is an SACU trials licence five times the cost of an ACU one? The costs only start to become comparable if a rider rides in more than 25 events a year. The fewer events you ride in the higher the disparity. The document showed the rider costs (going to the governing body) for 10 events. For 5 events it looks even worse! £32.50 for ACU and SACU £65. I agree with Andy in that the SACU should be given a full opportunity to defend/explain their position. I think most people would like to hear that. I have a couple of questions though. Are Scottish riders allowed to join the ACU? Are Scottish clubs allowed to join the ACU? Will the ACU allow us to pretend we are in Yorkshire as the AMCA does? lol I got the impression (rightly or wrongly) from the document that TTRG are suggesting that a move to the ACU would be prudent for Scottish clubs and riders. Since the costs involved with the AMCA are lower still, would that not be the best place to take our business?
  11. Anyone read the TTRG report? Some interesting numbers in it, that's for sure. Who's first with their thoughts?
  12. Cheers for the replys. In answer to some of the comments. An old twinshock like a 348 is out. Old bikes are rubbish. The Gas Gas Randonee is much the same thing isn't it, except they only do a 125! I would have a wee Scorpa in a heartbeat if I could find a good tidy one for sensible money. I missed out on a corker two years ago and have never seen the like since. Seems a lot of them have been hammered by sons of good trials riders. I thought this might be a fairly close approximation. I see the difference in weight is bigger than I thought it would be. 35kg more than my 315. It's even heavier than an old lump like a 348! Cheers for linking the videos Pete. I had watched them on you tube before. And yes, GJ. That one had caught my eye. I bear you in mind if it gets that far. Some more food for thought so cheers guys. If anyone else has more to add be glad to read it.
  13. Been looking at the Beta Alp 200 and wondering if it can sensibly be used as a dual purpose bike? Is anyone trialing on one, and how does it rate? I am very strictly in the wobbler category so have no need for the latest, lightest, most powerfull trials bike. For road riding I only need something for local B roads. No great distances intended. One bike would fit in the shed better than two. I currently have a Montesa 315, and obviously for trials it is far more capable than I am, so should I buy a seperate bike for the road or kill two birds with one stone and get an Alp?
  14. Press release on the Pre-65 Scottish Facebook page.
  15. They are still selling stuff through ebay. Not sure about their website as I havn't visited in a while. Pidcocks also sell some stuff via ebay and a few others.
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