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  1. Why wouldn't Dibs go back to Vertigo if he leaves GG?
  2. Why did Dabill get a 1 on Section 13?
  3. '16 Camo 300 with Ice Hell sticker kit.
  4. Looking for a ride to London area after the trial on Sunday the 7th. Will split petrol costs as well as driving if required. Cheers, Jon
  5. dadof2 We have finally got some rain here in northern California after a long dry period so luckily I have been able to ride and practice similar rocky sections that are wet. 1st works much better for me at the moment, close attention to throttle hand and over exaggerating body movement also helps with momentum and getting back on line if I get off line. Thanks again for all the reply's, very helpful. Now about this strange stuff called mud!
  6. Thank you for all the replies! So as I am crap 1st it is, until I get good then 2nd. Got it! Thanks for the encouragement Baldilocks, rode it last year and it has got its hooks into me that is for sure.
  7. It was my first time on the Vertigo so took a little getting used too, as there is a lot of power on top which requires a soft hand. Actually did not even think about the bike until I got home and realized I preferred it to my Ossa. I seem to be quite skilled at getting offline To Dadof2's point there was a fellow on bike #255 a '81 Bultaco that made me question if had made the wrong bike choice...he floated up most sections and looked as fresh as a daisy at each days end
  8. Rode it last year and the sections were incredibly challenging, there were no "easier sections". They were long, super technical and had a lot of steps in them. 1st would get me to the step but the combination of lack of technique and low momentum would invariably lead me to not making the step. The way the top riders place the front wheel exactly where they wanted was mind boggling!
  9. Recently watched the 2016 SSDT vid and Dan Thorpe mentioned he rode most sections in 2'nd gear. Riding last year I attempted most in 1st and struggled to maintain momentum and my line. Not too many similar sections here in California, but have been working hard on it and attempt them mostly in 1st. For those who have ridden similar sections what are your thoughts or tips? I ride a Vertigo 300 with a 38 rear and almost always are using the 3rd map. Much appreciated in advance.
  10. Bummer, have enjoyed watching him on the Vertigo.
  11. africanjon

    2017 300Rr

    Just sent you a PM
  12. Adrian is organizing the next trial at Bear Valley. Contact him and ask him to bring the PC to reset your bike. He did mine at the last trial. 5 minutes tops.
  13. Have been chatting with Vertigo USA importer Adrian Lewis about doing it together. He would organize the bikes. The trial certainly looks like a lot of fun, thanks for the info.
  14. Is the entry a ballot or do they take everyone?
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