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  1. Hi I recently had a similar issue. Purchased an 05 290 after it just had a total engine rebuild. The bike was taking ages to start. Usually tireing me out and then have to give to someone else to try. Once started it would take ages for revs to die down. Done a training course on it and was fighting constantly to keep it slow. Got home and removed flywheel, retarded the ignition. Now she starts second kick and is lovely to ride.
  2. Thanks wri5hty. Sorry didnt realise I had another profile. I asked admin to remove it as I already registerd not realising. Too much vodka i think.
  3. ahh Jimmyl sorry missed this post. Ended up going shopping in Cardiff for the day
  4. Cheers both. Didnt know I could set up a search alert. What strings do you normally use to search?
  5. Hi Gents. Names Mike. New here. I'm looking for a project on a twin shocker. My era but where do you get them. All i ever see are already completed and stunning machines. no really projects that can be done up over time. Would like a Yamaha TY. Regards Mike
  6. Hi Gents thanks for the info. Jimmy sent Email to Stephen had a reply last night about Project 2000. Son is really excited. Any comps coming up that we can spectator at, or even Marshal if they need any.
  7. Hi All, Looking for tall leggy blonde, must have GSH. OOOPPS WRONG FORUM!!!! Greetings all, names Mike (40yrs old)looking to get into Trials, also want to get my 10yr old son riding. I have done Moto X, and a bit of trials many years ago(had a go at Poaching inbetween Blackwood and New-Tredegar years and years ago). Not got any bikes as of yet, wanted to try and get the son enthusiastic by taking him to some events and maybe doing some marshaling etc. before i splash out to find out he's lost interest. Although he cant even ride a motor bike yet. Hoping to meet like minded (oops here we go again!!!) people in my area. Regards Mike
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