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  1. I rang for some parts but nobody got back to me, neither did Mecatecno Spain...
  2. Posting here as there doesn't appear to be a Mecatecno section. Is @Andystill running the show?🤩 I bought a Mecatecno T08 for my 4 year old grandson, it came from an auction (unseen, impulse buy!) and has cleaned up really well for an old bike. Replaced both levers, unseized the front forks and cleaned all the electrical connections ready for two new 9.0Ah batteries, which are on order. The only things I need now are a charger and I believe it might be missing a return spring for the front brake. Just wondering whether parts are interchangeable with other electric bikes, does anybody know. I can't find any information on the UK importer except that it used to be Caroline @sandifords and Mecatecno Spain haven't got back to my query. Any help, advice would be much appreciated... Brian.
  3. Can't believe this old thread is still going strong! I blame Gaz Hinton...
  4. Done, will he need a map reader?
  5. Me, as I was uploading it from my phone onto YouTube then copying the link across to TC. All done one handed while supping a pint of Guinness
  6. Not sure if this will work or not
  7. And there you have it in a nutshell. There's no point pricing the bike low if they haven't got the capacity to make them fast enough to meet the demand. New bikes/models need tweaking once they are out there being used so they won't want to hold huge stocks of new bikes either. Setting the price high usually excludes the majority but the eager minority will always want to buy no matter what the price is (within reason, even with the economy on its a***). Build 250, sell 250, make a great fat profit on each and every one with no dead money sat in obsolete stock on dealer floors. It's a fine balance between supply and demand and setting the price just right is the tricky bit. Much easier to lower the price than increase it at a later date though I bought a Beta Rev-4 when they first came out and paid approx.
  8. ...and a couple of spare tyres?
  9. I did some Banger racing once upon a time and we used a similar tool that would re-cut the grooves. It definitely gave a new lease of life to old car tyres. The Knobby Knife costs less than the price of a new tyre and would be ideal for rejuvenating 'practice' tyres on spare rims. No rules issues...
  10. http://www.pendle-bike.co.uk/shopping/kliponoff-lite.php
  11. Try reading it again...
  12. I'm not sure if this has been posted before or not, a great video which ends in a huge crash with broken bones unfortunately. He disappears out of sight and when asked if he's ok, simply replies "Ambulance" Top lad! http://www.hopetech.com/page.aspx?itemID=SPG325
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