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  1. see a few pics on google with tlr 200 with alloy swing arms are they any good and how much lighter are they compared to a steel one also looks a little longer than a std one
  2. millerme

    Honda Tlr Frame

    just thought it would be a idea ,but now thinking about it stainless is a soft material ,
  3. millerme

    Honda Tlr Frame

    been thinking for a long time on building a stainless steel honda tlr frame very similar to a whitehawk ,anyone got ant thoughts on this
  4. millerme

    Gasgas Lighting

    i got a 2007 250 pro and want to put lights on the bike does anyone have a lighting diagram so i can see where i need to connect the loom to as i have a full loom and clocks switches etc
  5. try these guys http://www.dvlaadvice.co.uk/and pay the £40 .00 admin fee to them and he will get it on the nova data base instantly same day ,send your v55 from and insurance details and copy of any paper work to verify model and dates, enclose payment for first reg fee and copy of driver licence and utility bill to prove your address and id then the dvla will check the nova data base using your name and address and bike details then they send you a log book also put a cover letter to say that duty has been payed
  6. just bought a 07 pro started up to make sure fan comes on which it did, top hose was warm bottom 2 hose`s on the pump were cold took of the pump and took apart noticed the plastic impeller threads are gone so would not spin so hoping this is the problem , after a search on the net most places sell the plastic impeller came across splat website and they sell a alloy one ,has anyone bought one and are the better than a plastic one
  7. hi noel063 the off set is 42 mm from brake side and yes the club foot is now painted black and on the bike and sound really nice
  8. just started the respoke my rear wheel all together now just true it up the weekend
  9. painted the frame the weekend ,and rear hub Sadly I am rebuild my bike to sell as I have a old hobbies I want to get back into (mountain bike riding ) so my bully will be for sale soon , lots of time and money spent done to it the exhaust mod ,new seals, air filter ,new rear falcon shocks still in the box ,new rear hub relined and stainless spokes , only down fall is rip in seat and one fork needs a re chrome, also come with new Barnett clutch and new steering head bearings so I will be up for sale in a week
  10. save money and buy the Barnett clutch from the states it cost me £35 inc p&p and I didn't pay any duty on mine 2 mths ago if you use a seller that send them as std just use 4 plates not the 5 they send and use you original springs as the Barnett one are to strong ,bath them for 24 hrs in ATF the fit a old steel plate then a fibre plate and so on ,And this will give you 2 finger clutch hope this helps
  11. Hi Larry The exhaust inside are STD tube that is shown it the other pics to the first bend shown in the pics then a perforated tube 30mm dia welding on the bend then welded onto the outlet pipe ,Then run a bead of weld around the out let pipe then packing wrapped around and held in place by stainless steel lock wire using a lock wire pliers to tighten up neatly then TIG welded the cover back on
  12. finished welding up my exhaust modification and made a top yoke nut tool save me using my chisel
  13. cut open my club foot today to make a straight thro exhaust
  14. hi guys thanks for the reply buy I got a guy sorting it out this week
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