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  1. Sorry John - sold the bike with the Betors as they were way too stiff for me also. Always found that bike difficult to ride compared to the M158.
  2. bodwheel

    Oil Weight

    I tried 5wt fork oil last ride (as per Vesty's suggestion), and will be sticking with it from now on.
  3. Hey Snarly - Have NJB Trixshocks, and they are good for the average rider, and good value also. I am getting a pair of his new Ultimate shocks when I ever get a response from him. Go a bit longer than standard also (360mm?) to quicken the steering.
  4. You use the clutch on an Alpina / Frontera?
  5. Best mod is Sammy Miller mid box and no club foot. Slightly loud, (though a nice note), but a lot more quiet than the standard mid box without the club foot.
  6. Castrol MTX 2 stroke gear oil 80W - been using it for years.
  7. bodwheel

    Fuel Filters

    Have same problem on Frontera with Mukini. Best (but not as tidy), run longer hose under and over. Plus gives you more fuel to get through a section if you forget to turn the fuel on.
  8. NOS Mahle pistons are best if you can get one, but I recently obtained a newish one for a M180 and the boss had to be filed out to enable the thrust washers to fit. It also did not have drilled oilways in the bosses but had off square ends instead.
  9. M212 fits M158, and M199 fits M158. So length is good. Only thing I found swapping tanks is the underside clearance to the pipe varies. But the glass tank will take a fair bit before it burns through. LOL! Looks like everyone's asleep over there.
  10. Jinx Feetup - same post at same time - spooky!
  11. Loosen all the triple clamp hardware, straddle front wheel and twist handle bars to re-align.
  12. Have you over tightened the nuts on the inlet manifold. This can warp the carb. (that's if you have the flange type)
  13. If it is a M212 or M213, yes it mat be the flywheel magnets. Had a faulty flywheel on a new M212 (intermittent starting) and have since known of two others. Best to borrow another flywheel to try, doesn't have to be an alpina one.
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