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  1. Hi baseplate, unfortunately the original pipe was damaged so I had no chance to test them back to back. I got a 2kg overall weight saving with the whole system and I'd guess it gives more low down torque given bigger volume but it's a total guess and I'm probably not a good enough rider to have qualified it better/worse regardless. not such a big job to make one, it's just 5x 90deg and one 45deg bends from the auction site plus a straight section. An evening with a disk cutter and a mate with a tig welder.... itd be nice if someone did a titanium one...
  2. Yep from eBay, as woody said, scooter assassins is the seller. Flat side, no power jet. i subsequently got a 48 pilot jet but otherwise great straight from the box.
  3. I think I saw you briefly, looked much shinier than in the pictures, really nice! Maybe you want to keep original but if you're not too fussed, you can get a new OKO for about £60, run lovely, I never had much luck with the bing. Mikuni also great but a bit more expensive. clutch is probably just down to adjustment as you say, there's loads of great advice on here. I really like the Barnett plates if you do decide to make any upgrades. stand are a bit hard to come by, if you know a decent engineer you can make an alloy one out of an old set of handlebars....
  4. This venue is great too
  5. See you tomorrow if you're doing the red rose
  6. Especially if you ride round your garden too vigorously ?
  7. I've swapped mine, no drama, all fits (clutch side flywheel). Most of the later models are the same it's very obvious when you see two side by side, the 250 version just has the inner 'cheek' missing.
  8. £149, pretty good value I'd say - it's £100 for a fairly simple straight silencer... https://www.inmotiontrials.com/product/bultaco-sherpa-wes-alloy-silencer/
  9. Anybody got any idea on correct ignition timing?
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