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  1. Hi, The triple clamps are standard lowers with a home made top. The forks are GSX 125, they were brand new old stock genuine Suzuki I may have the part number somewhere. However they look better than they perform! Really they are too long but the sliders are too short giving only 4” of travel, the springs are too hard so I have some borrowed TY175 springs in at present and I have extended the damper tube to increase travel. I plan to extend the sliders and fit a decent mudguard bracket on. Wheels are 18 and 21. The photos are before the steering angle change. Where the rear frame is cut it is only the single skin bit so no reinforcing needed, I have added more welds though. Ian
  2. Ask away , it’s sounds like you have a good knowledge of the TC 120 anyway
  3. I bought a 1968? Bear Cat, this has the high low box and the steel pressed frame so a good start for a Gaunt replica, it’s about 80% done now just need a suitable tank the the frame can be finished and powder coated ready for the final build. work done, Engine rebuild with fresh crank form a uk bike, I used a +1.5mm piston taking it out to about 125. New GSX 125 forks with home made top yoke. Steering angle reduced by 4 degrees A100 front hub Honda Cub back hub laced onto alloy rims Swing arm extended by 40mm. Plus much more!
  4. If you can find the aluminium tank that goes under the shelter on the earlier models it can be made to fit into your fibreglass tank. Just cut out the bottom with a hacksaw blade then the aluminium tank will drop in with a little reshaping and glue it in with builders foam or silicone. Then you end up with a nice sturdy unit that’s full petrol proof.
  5. Just a piston update, I’ve gone for a Mitani 53.5mm B100 piston which is only 0.5mm less than the super 6 piston giving 125.8cc. I don’t think I’ll miss the missing 3 cc! Ian
  6. Thanks I think the super six is the T20 and according to various websites the part number for the pistons are the same for the early GTs , but I will check again. Ian
  7. Hi, I have just acquired a 1968 Bearcat which is the ideal starting point to build a Gaunt replica! Being the latest model of the Bearcat it has the B100 frame with the TC120 dual range motor it’s perfect for the job! But I have a number of questions... Forks, These should be from the Invader 200 are they still 30mm? And looking at photos they must be a bit longer if so how much? If I can’t find any Invader forks I’ll find something suitable that looks right While we are at the front did Peter alter the head angle? Hubs These look to be smaller than the B100 or Bearcat hubs, possibly A100 or A50? Swinging Arm I know it’s about an inch longer but does anyone know how much exactly? And what length shocks would be best? Engine, So far I’ll just be fitting the T20/ GT 250 piston as it needs a bit of a rebuild anyway Any information is welcome Thanks Ian
  8. ikb

    Bantam D14

    See attached picture showing all of the ratios, the swapped second gear can be used in sections ok depending on your sprocket sizes and rider weight . The best thing about the low second gear kit is the higher top gear! Hope the spread sheet makes sense
  9. Mine has an eccentric steel boss where the front bolt goes through allowing some adjustment.
  10. I have one somewhere as I have dropped the foot pegs on mine so I am using one I made. I will have a look tomorrow. See pics below of before and after
  11. I fitted one and it's really good, clears fully and has reasonable feel. The clutch i fitted was a second hand ybr 125 clutch but I have dumped the bantam actuator and made my own cam type unit which may help with the feel!? Ian
  12. ikb

    Crankcase Paint

    Don't use PJ1.... I used it on my Cota 200 3 years ago and it was great so I used it this year on my 242 but I think the formula has changed as it is not petrol resistant any more! A small splash of petrol just dissolved it, I thought this WA because it had not cured as the engine had not run much but after two days of running it looked a mess so I had to repaint. I was able to wash off the paint with petrol as if it was a kids water colour! I have now used VHT case paint it's better to apply and is petrol proof but not rock proof!
  13. I have had a new mikuni but now use a Dellorto which is just a bit sharper same jets as a Gas gas 125!
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