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  1. Hi, I've looked up Petseal on eBay, but is this not for steel tanks as it states rust. Can this be used on fibreglass tanks, cheers Andy
  2. Hi, Could any one recommend someone that I can take a fibre glass tank to for resealing. Many thanks Andy
  3. That's great news, thanks, I know I don't know you but the advice today on Christmas Day is very appreciative. Hope you have a wonderful festive period, keep safe, Andy
  4. Many thanks for that advice. I will stick with what they recommend. Im not sure if you can help me or anyone else on the forum as I'm rebuilding a Amal carburettor for the bike. I've had the carburettor sonically cleaned and have purchased like for like replacement service parts. My question is on the jet pilots. There is a original 0.40 and a 0.20 in the original float chamber that I have purchased like for like. From the photograph could someone confirm they are in the right place. Many thanks again, Andy. 0.40 at about 9 o'clock, 0.20 at 6 o'clock
  5. Hi, hope someone can help, I'm currently working on my bike, and would like to know the correct grade of gearbox oil to use in it. The original manual says 900Ml of 10W / 30. Could someone advise what would be the right equivalent oil. Many thanks, Andy
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