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  1. Fair enough too. I have found a brake pedal locally anyway, so this post can be closed off. Thanks for the responses all. I might do a build up thread.
  2. It's gorgeous. Thanks a bunch, I really appreciate it.
  3. I have been searching through Google pretty heavily and cannot find anything so i am putting a call out to anyone on here who may own this model bike or something that uses similar parts (I believe that the Cota 200 shared some parts with this model, but I am not certain of this). I have recently purchased one and need to make (as it seems they are most certainly not available) a rear brake pedal for this bike. I hoping someone on here may be able to help me by posting some close up detailed photo's of the pedal itself and the mounting mechanism for the pedal. This bike has most definitely seen better days but I am hoping to restore it to a reasonable fashion. Pictures of the old girl attached.
  4. cactus jack

    Fantic 243

    Hello i was wondering if anyone in here could assist me to find or even explain to me the magneto to cdi unit wirng harness on the fantic 243, as the ends of the wires (terminals) have been removeds and i am unsure of where the different coloured wires attatch to on the cdi unit? any assistance is greatly appreciated.
  5. Just wanting to introduce myself and see how this forum works. im cactus jack from australia, have a fantic 243 that is currently layed out in my spare bedroom on the floor, eagerly awaiting the engineers at work to build me a 2nd gear primary drive for my gearbox!!!
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