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  1. Machined down Dynastart crank cases ..
  2. Villiers Yamaha conversion clutch , i never got round to fitting it , but you after cut 10mm off main shaft i was told ...
  3. My old 199B with a alloy DOA brand kickstart , made in Italy i think , not many come up for sale now ...Good luck
  4. hewson

    Greeves motorcycles

    I did hear a while ago it was for sale ..
  5. Hi people , question please , is Greeves Motorcycles still on the go ,,, Richard Deal
  6. Thanks for your reply re Dave Clough's posting on Facebook. Will have to get SWMBO to check it out for me as she is a member of FB but I'm not! See you are a fellow Poachers member, I'm one of those who stand and watch, albeit with an observers board and pencil in hand.

  7. 250canam if you search for Dave clough on facebook Bsa Bantam page , he as put one in his D7 road bike and took photos of the project .
  8. Paul are you sure you didn't use the thrust washers , here is a photo of my clutch before fitting
  9. Yes Ybr clutch , i'm running standard actuator with longer arm , just no feel ...
  10. Hi people , anybody had any experience with this clutch conversion , i have one fitted to my bike , and it as no feel , either on/off , reminds me of a Montesa 315r i had a few year back , mod was fit motorcross plates and play around with different oil , any tips -mods please ...Cheers
  11. Hi people , anyone got the recently made Wasp trials frame for James etc , any good , problems etc ..Thanks
  12. Yeah i know main number , looking for someone that works there , barrow job ....
  13. Hi people , anybody know anybody thats works at Boothham Engineers Scarborough , had some forks legs rehard chromed a number of years ago there , i've lost his contact number , maybe retired now anyway ...Cheers
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