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  1. 250canam

    60T Sprocket...

    Just for future reference Villiers Services have so much stock only a small fraction of it is on the website so ring or email them with a request for what you need. They are very helpful, I bought my '62 model 24TD from them last year.
  2. 250canam

    Greeves Paint

    For anyone still interested the paint code RAL5001 works very well in either powder coating form or mixed as gloss paint by your local Dulux center. Am using it on my '62 model 250 Scottish.
  3. Thanks for your reply re Dave Clough's posting on Facebook. Will have to get SWMBO to check it out for me as she is a member of FB but I'm not! See you are a fellow Poachers member, I'm one of those who stand and watch, albeit with an observers board and pencil in hand.

  4. Thanks OTF. Think I have spoken to HS at various shows. Does he modify the basket splines rather than the shaft splines? We had some concerns that his mod was for the later D10 and D14 motors (possibly four speed boxes) with the needle roller thrust bearing rather than the earlier phosphor bronze washer that I use on my D1, D3 and D7 motors.
  5. Sorry I cant add to the experience bank but would like to ask a question as I have wondered about doing this conversion on my Bantam. I think the gearbox shaft splines need machining, is this correct and does anyone know who could do this for me please? Located in North East Lincolnshire.
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