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  1. That would explain why I struggled! Thanks very much for the info - you've saved me from potentially breaking them. Cheers
  2. I've tried to remove the threaded studs from my front and rear brake back plates (that the torque arms bolt to) because I want to clean them up and get them re-plated. However they are absolutely solid and I couldn't get them to budge. Am I right in thinking that they will be threaded into the alloy back plates? Has anyone got any tips on how to remove them? Thanks!
  3. Hi Nigel my inbox is definitely empty because I only joined the forum yesterday. I don't have to set anything up to receive messages do I?
  4. Thanks for your replies everybody - that all makes sense now and I should be able to tackle the job this weekend. Cheers
  5. Hi folks I've just joined the forum because I've started restoring a 199 Sherpa. The current steering stops are a couple of old bolts welded onto the frame. I'd like to replace these - could someone tell me if the stops are meant to meet against the fork stanchions or the bottom yolk and is it possible for someone to measure the length of the stops on their bike? I suppose I just need to keep some clearance between the petrol tank and the forks on full lock.
  6. Does anyone know if these needle roller conversion kits are still available? I've just been on the Billet Parts web site but it doesn't seem to be working properly.
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