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  1. Machined down Dynastart crank cases ..
  2. Villiers Yamaha conversion clutch , i never got round to fitting it , but you after cut 10mm off main shaft i was told ...
  3. My old 199B with a alloy DOA brand kickstart , made in Italy i think , not many come up for sale now ...Good luck
  4. hewson

    Greeves motorcycles

    I did hear a while ago it was for sale ..
  5. Hi people , question please , is Greeves Motorcycles still on the go ,,, Richard Deal
  6. 250canam if you search for Dave clough on facebook Bsa Bantam page , he as put one in his D7 road bike and took photos of the project .
  7. Paul are you sure you didn't use the thrust washers , here is a photo of my clutch before fitting
  8. Yes Ybr clutch , i'm running standard actuator with longer arm , just no feel ...
  9. Hi people , anybody had any experience with this clutch conversion , i have one fitted to my bike , and it as no feel , either on/off , reminds me of a Montesa 315r i had a few year back , mod was fit motorcross plates and play around with different oil , any tips -mods please ...Cheers
  10. Hi people , anyone got the recently made Wasp trials frame for James etc , any good , problems etc ..Thanks
  11. Yeah i know main number , looking for someone that works there , barrow job ....
  12. Hi people , anybody know anybody thats works at Boothham Engineers Scarborough , had some forks legs rehard chromed a number of years ago there , i've lost his contact number , maybe retired now anyway ...Cheers
  13. Hi people , anybody know info of a Sun Wasp trials bike please ....Many thanks
  14. Hi Andy , i also use the 4 speed engines , all i hear is the 3 speed gearboxes are fragile , but how do they get on in road racing , some machines do 90/100 + miles an hour ....
  15. Get with it Charlie , a Bantam is a Bantam , today or yesterday ..... Stop thinking about Britshock , modern engineering would of brought any bike on back in the day ...
  16. Here is my Drayton framed Bantam build , took 2 years and its near finished , steel hub's , turned gears , i sourced all parts myself . did a few deals here and there , but it can be done on a budget with time ....Around £3000 at this stage
  17. Looks like ill be looking for a swop shop then ...cheers chaps
  18. No its just a standard 1.85 Morad 40 hole alloy rim ....
  19. Hi people , can a tubeless type IRC rear tyre be used on the Morad rim , fitted on many twinshock bikes ? only asking because i picked up the wrong tyre at Telford .....Cheeeers
  20. I had a 1983 Fantic 125 pro twinshock forward kick bike with Densi ignition , it had a 1.492 kg flywheel , i played around with different engine parts over the years , and at one time had a 205 (156cc) mono engine in it , motoplat ignition flywheel weighed 1.601 kg , so extra weight not really needed . Bike gone now , but i think i ended up with a 51- 52 tooth rear (428) sprocket .... Best handling bike i ever had ...
  21. hewson

    Bultaco Model 198b

    Still going strong Stu , come from a good home that one
  22. Cheers for that Mick , wonder why it not on my parts list ...Many thanks ..see you soon
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