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  1. Sperb, thank you laird387 !!
  2. I absolutely agree with this one, but would like to know if in the old trials rules 1975 and before it was written something about a loop. Nowadays we have a complete repertoire about rules in every federation or club all over the world, but it seems nobody really knows what the old rules when the "simple days" spen talks about sayed.
  3. Lately there is some controversy because of a new rule in italy that accepts doing a loop inside the sections and crossing its own track. FIM has a rule that says it is a 5 if: - "The motorcycle does a complete loop, crossing its own track with both wheels. And in the Spanish RFME there is one much similar that says it is a 5 if: - "The motorcycle does a complete loop, crossing its own track with any of the wheels". While in the ACU the rule for a five is: - Travelling in a forward direction against the direction of the section". Both in TRS22A Stop and TRS22B Non-stop. In my opinion this "loop" rule is absolutely confusing and if you move and change direction while stop, you are allways doing a "loop" want it or not. I have been trying to find old rules previous to 1975 to see what they say, if those rules talk about "loops" or not, but I can´t find any. The closest is in the old programs of the SSDT, but just an extract. My question is: Does somebody know if the old rules speak about doing "loops" inside a section or just abour travelling against the direction??
  4. greeves


    That looks very good Scot taco. That 35 numer bike there is an Ossa Enduro??
  5. Yes dabber, that is exactly the big problem we have. In Madrid community for example, with 6 millon people, there is not a single square meter where you can practice trials legally. Not even in private land it is permitted. Madrid federation and riders fighting for it for years, but at the moment impossible mission. Now in Madrid in the 5 trials a year championship, no more than 70 riders, that is all. The other issue are licences, 350€ every year for a licence makes many people stay away from the sport. It is a pity JotaGas is bankrupt, but at last the only market that makes them survive is actually the UK market, so if they don´t approach and market properly in the UK, they are dead sooner or later. Cataluña is bit different, they are more open to allow trials competitions and trials areas, but not easy aniway.
  6. I agree the prices were high, in some cases extremely high. The "Telford tax" bilc0 speaks about for sure is there. I saw a used bike for sale arround 5,000 Pounds that I sold time ago new (meaning restored, tuned and not used) for 3,850€. In my opinion it is a wrong policy as many potential buyers are already talking about the super high prices of bikes in Telford and for sure will stop many going to the show in the future. Aniway the show was great.
  7. Yes, bankrupcy declared 20 February 2016 by a trade judge. http://www.boe.es/diario_boe/txt.php?id=BOE-B-2016-5664 This is the Government declaration of bankrupcy. It is a pity, but all Spanish companies except the mighty Honda/Montesa and maybe Vertigo, depend on political influences and decissions. A small change in the grants or the working market and the company gone.
  8. Sounds "perfecto" !!! Good work.
  9. You can store the bisquits...
  10. See you there Micha. Maybe Friday night for a beer in Holliday Inn?
  11. Sorry Steve, my box was full and I did not noticed it. Now it is empty and you can send a message! If it does not work still you can email javiercruzalonso@gmail.com
  12. Great idea in places like Sant Feliú de Guixols for the Costa Brava Trial or Pobladura... in the rest it is not so easy that City Halls collaborate.
  13. Here it is not like in the UK. There are 2 different competencies. Streets, under the competency of the city hall and the local police. Roads under the competency of the Estate (DGT) and the Guardia Civil. They have an agreement with the city hall and local police. The local police even colaborate if necessary in the cross roads to stop traffic. The insurrance of the trial includes this driving through the town. So no problem. It is all town streets, not roads were the Guardia Civil is responsible. They don´t mark route in roads or streets that are not under the city hall responsability. If you are cought using a road by the Giardia Civil (or Mossos in Cataluña)... both rider and organization will have big trouble.
  14. Hi Micha!! You will enjoy the 50cc, although in some sections like Pipeline 2, Sleubhaich, Caolasnacoan... maybe you struggle a bit. I have done 3 years the event in a 175cc and it is fun, even this year will use a 175cc. In 2006 there was a Japanese guy Kojiro Mori, that rided with a 90cc pre65 Honda:
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