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  1. So why does it need two governing bodies?
  2. So, we all go on about events for the classics and then there are 4 on the same day. Why can't people talk to each other in order to avoid calendar clashes like this?
  3. ***** IMPORTANT UPDATE ***** The closing date for entries on the entry form posted is wrong, apologies for that. There is now no entry close date, or extra fee, but if you enter after the 16th July you won't be in the programme.
  4. Rupert didn't, but it is righ hand thread. Came off a treat last night :-)
  5. Gents is this a left or right handed thread, before I give it some welly tonight?
  6. wallo

    Ariel Barrel

    Can someone please let me have Mick Dickingson's (I think that's his name) contact details? The chap that makes the Ariel short stroke barrels. Thanks
  7. Here's a copy of the regs & entry form for this years Bonanza. It's being held at a different location this year near Sapperton. Two laps (approx. 4 mile) 15 sections, no road work. Hope to see you there. BonanzaTrialRegs.pdf
  8. I wonder who you have been speaking with? It took me ages to to remove that tape from the wheels. As long as you don't get any advantage from leaving the track, you can rejoin without any penalty, all I can say is you try staying on the track on an adverse corner down hill in the pouring rain.
  9. ... and all of this is why I have been concentrating on classic scrambles, you just don't get all this nonsense. Turn up, ride, fall off, ride. Just enter the class and get on with it, simples
  10. If you need any help please PM me. I've built this over a number of iterations, and have gained a lot of experience not to mention a list of very helpful & knowledgeable individuals
  11. Thanks matey, can you please message me a contact number for you? Thanks
  12. So, the noise is still there, but the head fits nice :-) Attention is now being focused on the cam and cam followers, so some questions: The followers, does the one with the double holes, go to the exhaust or the inlet? How precise does the end float need to be on the cam followers and cam? Thanks in advance. BTW The Stroud Valley trail was great today, sections were great, weather was great, just a shame about the b noise from my rattle :-(
  13. The work begins this evening, thanks for all your help, and now I know who you are :-)
  14. Chris heard the engine in a section a few weeks ago. @Chris, the noise does not sound like pinking to me, what do you think?
  15. Thanks all, guess what I will be doing tonight :-)
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